Are Thinkpad Laptops Good for Gaming ? [ Detailed Guide]

Are ThinkPad laptops good for gaming? Lenovo ThinkPad is good for simple gaming, but not for high end games. If you’re looking for the best gaming laptop experience and are considering Lenovo laptops, we recommend going with Lenovo Legion Series laptops which have exceptional graphics capabilities and high performance.

Thinkpad is undoubtedly one of the best laptops out there, but if you are only buying it for gaming, So it’s best just for medium games and not for good graphic games.

Laptop brands have different series to target a specific market sphere. Based on this, they group different series. The Thinkpad series is designed for business professionals as it has the best security attribute and many features you will surely need for business chores.

So, if you are planning to spend a chunk of your money on ThinkPad for the sole reason of gaming, I will suggest you go for the legion series that has one of the top-notch gaming laptops, for example, Legion 7, 5, 5i, and 7i, Legion Y520, Y540 and, Slim 7, 740

So let get to the point why Thinkpad is not considered to be a good gaming laptop by actually comparing it to the expectation from a gaming laptop

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A professional gaming laptop is believed to have

If you are talking about the specs of gaming laptops or PC, you will not beat the gamers’ interest and knowledge as they live for gaming. They are so passionate about gaming that they know everything about laptops and computers, so they do not regret later buying.

Gamers are so concerned about the specs, graphics of laptops and for good visuals and comfortless that they need a wide screen to play their favorite games and enjoy their time to the fullest while gaming.

Here are necessary things to have in a gaming laptop

  • A powerful Procesor, at least Core i5 or i7 Gen with GHz speed
  • A Good RAM and massive storage for smoother performance, for example, a 16GB RAM and a combo of HDD and SSD, will be good
  • A widescreen at least 15 inched or something bigger from this for smoother and comfortable visuals.
  • Best Graphic car and GPU for top graphic processing
  • A good keyword as a bad keyword can ruin your gaming performance

If you find out the laptop has these attributes go for it, as these specs will provide optimal gaming performance.

Why Is ThinkPad Series Not Good For Gaming?

Why Is ThinkPad Series Not Good For Gaming

Lenovo Thinkpad is no doubt one of the powerful laptops and one of the expensive Lenovo laptops. Thinkpads are made for heavy load and built with a lighting fats processor, and almost the minimum RAM limit is kept to 8Gb with storage ranging from  1TB to 4TB.

Friendly saying that if you need a laptop to have power and proficiency, Lenovo Thinkpad leaves no stone unturned to compel you to go for it. But, if you look from a gaming enthusiast eye, I think these specs is not enough to prove the think pads are good for gaming

There are a number of reasons why you should avoid ThinkPads if you’re a serious gamer.

  • Thinkpad screens are 14 inches or smaller, which is not suitable for pro gamers
  • Thinkpad mostly has Intel graphics, whereas gaming laptops opt for Nvidia’s graphics, which are better than any other.
  • Thinkpad is way more expensive despite small screen and limited graphics performance

And if you look at these reasons, it’s not that think pad is bad laptop As we read that every laptop is made keeping in view a specific market sphere same is the case with Thinkpad as they are built for business professionals, students and office worker.

SO the primary focus of ThinkPad is security and privacy features as business people need them. Hence, these features are of no use for a gamer, making the Thinkpad not that good for gaming.

Verdict – Are Thinkpad Good for Gaming?

If you are a person that has not to do much with gaming and wanted a laptop to run your daily business or personal need, then no doubt I will recommend Thinkpads as they are reliable and fast and will do your daily task with proficiency.

Also, you can play moderate games on it and enjoy your free time on it as it’s not that bad for gaming.

In contrast, if you are passionate about gaming and are looking for top-class graphics and performance and love Lenovo, I suggest you go for the Legion series as they have the best gaming laptop out there. ThinkPad is more of a business laptop.

If you are opting for the legion series, let me tell you this they are almost similar in price to the ThinkPad series, so make your math choice based on your need, and in the end, you will get what you want without regretting it later

FAQ (Are thinkpad laptops good for gaming)

Why are Thinkpads so Expensive?

Lenovo Thinkpad’s are often considered to be expensive – and they are. They’re meant to be for businesses, so they’re built to have a long lifespan and be reliable; which make the Lenovo Thinkpad expensive

Why are Thinkpads so Popular?

Thinkpads are popular for many reasons like durability, long life, simple upgrades, easy replacement, value for money, excellent battery backup, privacy protection, brand popularity, and much more.

Why are Thinkpad laptops an industry standard?

ThinkPads have a solid reputation for reliability. They are tough and durable and can handle the wear & tear undertaken by careless employees over many years.


So, I explain why Thinkpad is not for gaming but if you are still figuring out whether ThinkPad is good for gaming.

To summarize the article, Most people have confused that Thinkpad have good features and highly-priced laptop, so it will also run heavy games and will be suitable for gamers

But actually, it can run moderate games and is not suitable for intense graphic games. I have discussed everything regarding Thinkpad is good for gaming or not? So if you want to learn in-depth, scroll up and read the article