8 Common Laptop Issues And How to Fix Them

Laptops are powerful yet delicate, and it’s imperative to take good care to keep them fully functional for an excellent user experience. When we use laptops for a longer period of time in a stretch, they become sluggish and lethargic over time.

Slow performance of the computer is quite frustrating and annoying, particularly when you are in a hurry and trying to complete an important task quickly. In this article, we will discuss some of the common laptop issues and how to fix them.

Constant Overheating

One thing that many users experience while working on their laptops is the overheating of the device. Excess heating is more common in laptops in comparison to desktops because of the smaller air vents that the former incorporates. 

We usually keep laptops anywhere, such as on the couch or bed, for the sake of comfort, but this eventually damages these devices. Keeping the laptops on soft surfaces blocks the air vents, leading to suffocation and overheating. 


To prevent the overheating of the laptop, try to use the laptop on a hard flat surface. Also, clean the air vents with cloth and fan with compressed air and limit the program you are running at once as it heats the laptop. Updating the BIOS will also help control all the hardware, and there might be an issue with resource management.

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Fast Battery Drainage

Another common problem is battery overconsumption that usually knocks when your device turns two to three years old. This is usually the first problem that you notice after a couple of years, and that informs that your system demands your attention. 


You need to identify the reason that is causing battery drainage. Identify if your system is running power-intensive applications as they might be consuming all your battery power. If there are any such apps, delete or deactivate them to resolve this problem. 

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Abrupt Virus Attack

Abrupt Virus Attack issue in laptop

Since we use laptops at home and in public places, they become susceptible to security threats such as virus attacks or malware infections. This is a serious issue and needs immediate attention; else, you can lose your important data as well as access to personal accounts. 


Having an antivirus application reduces the chances of virus attacks as these apps protect your computer against external security threats. While downloading an antivirus program, make sure to download it from a trusted website.  

Unfunctional Hard Drive

If your hard drive has turned slower than ever and consumes a significant time to start a program or complete any ongoing process, the chances are that it has turned corrupt. But not always, as you might have installed a dozen of high-resource applications that are causing slowdowns. 


You will have to find the redundant application manually and delete them to resolve the existing problem. You can try to move your data to external storage media or Cloud to make more space on the drive and make it work appropriately. 

Slow or No Charging 

Make sure that your laptop’s USB power adapter is connected to a power outlet. Unplug it and plug another device to check if the outlet is working appropriately and there’s a normal power supply. If it works properly, try to charge your laptop


If the device still won’t charge, shut down the device and then close its display for 30 seconds. Open the display and try to recharge the MacBook, if you are not able to charge it, try to reset the SMC (System Management Controller), as it can help resolve several problems related to fan, power, battery, etc. 

Outdated Apps & Drivers

If you are experiencing problems while running several apps on your computer, try to upgrade these applications with the latest versions. You may navigate to the Software Update section to see if any newer version or upgrade is available for the programs installed on your computer.


Apart from that, if you are not able to hear the audio or see the video files, you need to update the respective drivers. You can browse the internet to download the latest drivers for your Mac or Windows computer, but make sure to install them from a reliable source. 

Unreliable Wireless Connection

Unreliable Wireless Connection problem in laptop

WiFi connectivity issues are common, and they hamper the entire functionality, particularly when you are working on an urgent project. If the WiFi connection is not working properly, you are not able to play games, study online, or perform any other tasks that demand reliable connectivity. 


Try to connect another device to the same WiFi connection to check if it works. If you are unable to connect, turn off your WiFi and then turn it on. If it still won’t work, contact your internet service provider and ask for a resolution. 

Loud Keyboard Noise

If you are a video editor or an avid gamer, you must be familiar with the annoying keyboard noise coming from the mic. This is common if you are using a clickety keyboard such as a mechanical one that produces a louder sound with every single click of keys.


You can replace your mechanical keyboard with a normal one, or you can reduce the sound by placing a silicon ring beneath each key. It will not eliminate the sound completely but reduce it to some extent.

FAQ(Common Laptop Issues And How to Fix Them)

What causes laptop failure?

The most common laptop failure is due to motherboard failure, which is most commonly caused by electrical spikes and power surges. Overheating is also the main cause of laptop motherboard failure; other causes include incorrectly connected cables and improper connection of components.

What is the most common failure issue in laptops?

The most common issue a laptop encounter is a loose or broken hinge. It is one of the common issues with laptops in which the screen is dropping and does not keep its position because it does not have any support. It can even damage the screen due to falling off-screen


Computer and laptops have many common issues that every user encounter when working on laptop or computer in this guide we discuss 8 most common laptop issue and how to them.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you will learn and understand the different issues your laptop might encounter in the future. You will be able to fix them as this article provides a solution to each problem.

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