How To Make Youtube Video With Your Laptop?

Want to make a YouTube video but don’t have a professional camera? Don’t worry, as we have compiled the seven creative ways to record a video using just your laptop. They might seem challenging initially, but can be fun once you get the hang of them. 

Creating a polished and professional video that impresses your viewers is more about technique than your tools. So, there is no need to spend a fortune on the costly equipment since you can easily do a great job with whatever you’ve got right now.

In this article, we talk about how to make youtube video with your laptop by using the 7 most accessible techniques to create YouTube videos with a laptop and to get your plans in motion.

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7 Ways How To Make Youtube Video With Your Laptop

Below are 7 easy ways, you can utilize to make a youtube video on your laptop also using these methods you can make professional videos without needing expensive setups and gadgets.

1) Screencast

Screencast allows you to capture your activities on the screen as you navigate different web pages or programs on your device. It acts as a great method to walk viewers through any specific process and teach them new skills.

All you need to do is to launch the screencast program on your laptop. There are many options available over the internet to screencast your screen, including free and paid options. Try out a few of them and find the best one that matches your requirements well. 

Keep in mind that the screencast program you choose must offer easy navigation, a range of special effects, and most importantly, audio capture. There is no point in selecting a screen capture program that is unable to record your voice.

Here is a bonus tip: Practice the steps that you will be navigating on-screen ahead of time to ensure a smooth flow with fewer or no mistakes. 

2) Online video maker

Gone are those days when you needed expensive equipment to make a YouTube video. The internet is flooded with tons of options for video editor tools and online video makers, and creators can entirely opt for the one that meets all their video requirements. These video maker are equipped with several ready-made templates and themes. Moreover, they are easier to use and let you record every single action from your screen. 

3) Make use of webcam

Most laptops come with a built-in camera which can be used as a recording device to capture YouTube videos. However, this method can be applied only if you are making a talking head video. Get the lighting right, position the laptop correctly, and frame your shot well.

Never place the laptop on the desk when filming your face, as this angle is too low and looks unflattering. Raise it so that the camera is roughly at eye level and then angle it slightly downwards to avoid giving the audience glimpses of your dreaded double chin effect. Be sure to take care of the basics, like rearrange the furniture or clear the clutter behind you to create a visually appealing and neat space. 

4) Live Stream

Are you running out of time and cannot practice for a planned session? Live streaming can help! It is the best and the quickest way to connect with your audience without much hassle.

As an added bonus, the live stream video gets automatically saved to your account, and you can then share it on-demand or make changes to the video with the help of an online video editor and use it on any other platform. 

Live streaming is mainly a 2-for-1 solution that allows you to send a message to the viewers without creating a video. You can quickly go live to stream your video by using your webcam. 

5) Powerpoint

PowerPoint is yet another effective way to create YouTube videos; however, this method can be a bit time-consuming compared to the others mentioned on the list.

When you create videos with your laptop, you are limited to the built-in mic option only, and therefore, you might also need a voiceover while using this option. But, you can still get good results as long as you can manage the background noise.

6) Animated Videos

If you want to show your creative side to your viewers without splurging on expensive equipment, try out an animated video once and see the difference. Not only do such videos add a twist of creativity to your video, but they also give total control over the result. We highly recommend using online tools or services to take the guesswork out of creating these animations.

Sketch out the different scenes of your video to get an idea of how you would like the result to look like. It is the first and the primary step to go for, but it will help you stick to your concept until the end. Select the best online video editor to make the final cuts and achieve a polished outcome. 

7) Artificial Intelligence

It might sound surprising, but this is 100% a real option, which is why we are counting on it. A range of online services allows you to create videos using AI to automate the editing process. It’s really simple to use – you have to select the topic by entering the URL or text and leaving the rest on the platform you are working with.

It will automatically put together the video by using sophisticated algorithms and automated editing tools. It is the perfect option if you already have some content to work with.

Remember that none of the options is fully automated, and you will still have full control over the outcome and can add your personal final touches before putting it up.


So, these are some of the imaginative ways that allow you to make YouTube videos from your laptop without using any fancy gear. Each of these approaches can help you achieve impressive finished videos; however, you might need to add a bit of your intelligence and skills to derive the result you want. 

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