How to Measure a Laptop Size

How to Measure a Laptop Size? Whether you need to know the size of your laptop just so that you buy the perfect laptop bag or know the dimensions of your laptop screen, if you are looking forward to measuring its size, you are at the right place.

The size of a laptop is often mostly measured in inches and has a standard size. But it is not always necessary, and it can be more than that or even much smaller. Instead, you can guess and buy a larger or smaller bag for your laptop, or maybe even a skin of the laptop could go in vain.

You need to know the size of the laptop for buying a bag. The following article will explain why a buyer must know its laptops’ size.

Size Variations

A laptop comes in multiple sizes and form-factors such as 11-inch, 13-inch, and 17-inch. You can buy the one that suits you the most. For instance, if you’re a writer, college student, journalist, doctor, or businessperson, you may prefer small and compact-sized laptops. While professional gamers, web developers, and programmers may choose large screen-sized laptops.

How to make the Measurement of Laptop Size

How to Measure a Laptop Size

The size of a laptop is measured similarly to the size of the TV. Yet, it is something that a lot of people struggle to understand. Just like televisions, the size of a laptop is measured in inches. But in what direction on the laptop is the screen measured.

  1. Measuring Diagonally

The inch size of your laptop describes the screen’s edge-to-edge diagonal measurement. This site does not include the ‘bezel’ (the casing surrounding the screen), which can often add an inch to the size.

So, you need to measure your laptop diagonally from edge to edge. Then you know your laptop’s true inch size, which will help you choose your KNOMO bag or sleeve.

  • Measuring the height

Firstly, close your laptop for better accuracy. Place the measuring tape along the top and bottom of your laptop lid (running parallel to the shortest sides). This is the height of your laptop, add a few cm or an inch or 2 to make sure your device won’t be sticking out of a bag or sleeve.

  • Measuring the width

Place the tape measure across the laptop, left to right (parallel with the longest sides). This is the width of the laptop. Make sure your sleeve isn’t too much wider, or your laptop will not be protected as well if it is sliding around in its case.

  • Measuring the depth

Put the end of your measuring tape on the table or a flat surface. Measure upwards vertically to record the depth of your laptop (think – you are measuring how high it rises above the table surface).

This is particularly important if you are still lovingly clinging to a clunky older model that is not as slim as its younger peers. It would be best if you had a bag or sleeve with a depth of at least half an inch more than your laptop depth.

How to Measure a Laptop Size

Measuring Laptop Size For Buying a Laptop Bag

Measuring Laptop Size For Buying a Laptop Bag

When buying a laptop carry case, take the width measurement as the horizontal dimension and the depth measurement as the height dimension of the laptop carry case or sleeve. Take note not to have too much space in the bag as it might not be able to hold and protect your laptop snugly.

A good laptop bag should possess the following features:

  • It must fit your laptop snugly without an additional laptop cover for protection. Your laptop should not be moving around too much in the bag
  • Padded laptop compartment in the bag. A padded laptop bag absorbs shocks and acts as a cushion for your laptop. TIP: look for laptop bags with a padded bottom in the laptop compartment. If the bag drops and hits the ground, this also acts as a cushion for your laptop.

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FAQ (How to Measure a Laptop Size )

How to know the screen size of a laptop without measuring?

This has been a basic query for all those who do not want to put extra effort into measuring the dimensions of a laptop. Well, you can find the screen size of the laptop on the site you bought from or on the inside panel of the screen. Also, a simple google search with the model of your laptop will help you find the right size, and you do not need to measure.

How to measure the screen size of a laptop?

You can carry out the same method to measure the screen size as we did for measuring the laptop’s diagonal size. Please do not mistake measuring it horizontally as that would give a wrong measure. Take the measuring tape or even a ruler and place it on the laptop’s edges diagonally for correct measurements.

Is your laptop measured at an angle?

The screen size of almost all laptops is measured diagonally. Even the screen size in the specifications is measured diagonally, not horizontally, from left to right.

Are 11 inches too small for a laptop?

You can continue from where you left off by enabling the Continue from where you left off feature. Just set your laptop’s screen size, and it will always depend on your usage. For example, if compact size and lightweight are more important than a laptop power supply, an 11-inch laptop can be incredibly effective. However, you may need to give up storage, processing power, and screen space.


You can easily find your laptop screen size using several methods described in this guide. The most common method is to measure diagonally using a tape measure, but you can also find model specifications online. However, you first need to know the laptop model to do this.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that there is no standard screen size. Your needs and the use of your laptop will determine the optimal screen size for your situation.