How to Remove Sticker From Laptop? (2 Simple Methods)

If you are looking for how to remove sticker from laptop? Then you have come to the right place in this article. I will show you how you can eradicate the laptop sticker without scratching the laptop surface.

You might have this moment in your life when you buy your dream laptop or desktop, and there are a ton of stickers on it, showing different specs of the laptop, the brand of laptop, and some general information.

These stickers are not looking bad initially, but as time passes, they are torn apart and look bad on the laptop surface and take away the laptop’s glamour.

Also, if it’s a warranty sticker, you might not want to remove that, but if the stickers are only put to showcase the brand achievements or look annoying, you can get rid of it.

If you have bought the refurbished laptop, there are chances that the previous owner decorated the laptop with a ton of stickers removing them will be a hectic task but don’t worry, we have got you covered.

Stickers are easy to apply, but it can get worse if the sticker glue is of good quality when it comes to removing.

The laptop brands intentionally put good quality adhesive, so the sticker is there on the laptop surface and market their product.

The good news is that the newer the stickers are, the easier it is to remove them, so there will be no issue for you if you have a new laptop.

Below, I will share many easy and effective ways to remove the sticker and the residue from the laptop surface.

These methods are effective and will not harm the surface of your laptop. Do it with ease, take the time and remove it carefully.

2 Methods For Removing Stickers From Laptop

Note: Before applying any method mentioned in the article, it is recommended to turn off the laptop and remove the power cable as we will be using water and other material for hard stickers. In the worst case, you didn’t damage the laptop’s internal components.

Method 1) Laptop Sticker Removal Using Adhesive Cleaner:

The first method includes peeling the sticker from the laptop surface and cleaning the residue of a sticker. If you have tried this and cannot do the job, feel free to move to the following method, which is more effective.

Step 1: Peel off the sticker from the Laptop surface

Peel off the sticker from the Laptop surface

The easy way is to peel off the sticker with your nails, and the sticker will be easily scrape it off from the surface, but if you are unable to do it and you think you will do more hard than good for some reason.

Then use a knife or razor blade or credit card or some sort of sharp material as the edge of the sticker is so then and cannot be easily peeled off.

Apple recommends using non-abrasive material for removing stickers from the laptop.

Step 2: Use Adhesive Cleaner and a lint-free cloth/rag 

Use Adhesive Cleaner and a lint-free cloth

Once you are done removing a sticker from the laptop’s surface, it leaves a residue stick to the glue on the laptop.

For removing, you need an adhesive cleaner. We recommend WD-40 and apply it to a cloth. Alternatively, you can also use alcohol, but it doesn’t always work on most hard stickers.

Socked the lint-free cloth in WD-40 and rubbed it in a circular motion on the residue surface carefully so the liquid doesn’t go inside the laptop’s components.

Leave it for 5 minutes as some glues are more sticky, and adhesive cleaner will take time to do the job perfectly.

If you don’t have an adhesive cleaner, there are much different adhesive cleaners that you can buy online or from your local store.

Step 3: Clean the surface of the laptop with a Damp Cloth

Clean the surface of the laptop with a Damp Cloth

Now get the damp cloth and cleaning off the adhesive cleaner and sticker residue. Do the step carefully without socking the other components of the laptop.

If the residue still didn’t come off, grab a paper towel, remove the WD-40 adhesive cleaner, and repeat steps 2 and 3 as long as the sticker and its residue are cleaned entirely from the laptop’s surface.

Method 2) Laptop Sticker Removal Using hair Dryer or Heat Gun

How to Remove Sticker From Laptop

In this method of removing the sticker from a laptop, you will need either a hairdryer or a heat gun. Both of these should be used with care as they can burn your hand if not handled properly.

Step 1: Blow The Hair Dryer or Heat Gun on Sticker

Laptop Sticker Removal Using hair Dryer

Aim the hairdryer/heat gun and blow warm air on the sticker for about 2 minutes. Do it carefully and keep 5 inches of space between the hairdryer and sticker, as holding it too closely can damage the screen or laptop component.

After 2 minutes, you will see the sticker coming off the laptop after constantly under the warm air from the hairdryer. The sticker will be hot so remove it with a clipper or cloth.

Step 2: Spray Adhesive Cleaner On Cloth to Remove Sticker Residue

Now spray the adhesive on a lint-free cloth and rub it on the area where the sticker was. The sticker will come off easily, leaving some residue that you can clean off with the cloth.

Step 3: Clean the Sticker Area

If there is still some sticker residue left, you can get the diluted vinegar, or rubbing alcohol can also do the job.

Wipe the area with a clean cloth or dry paper towel, and your laptop surface will be cleaned from stickers.

How To Get Rid Of Sticker Residue On Laptop?

If you have removed the sticker from your laptop and there is the residue leftover from the sticker on the laptop surface, there are some tools and products you can take the help of to remove the string adhesive stickers.

List of tools/products that can remove sticker residue

  • WD-40 (It is commonly used to remove adhesive of any kind and is very effective in removing rust also)
  • Oil-based substances (olive oil, vegetable oil, margarine/butter, lotion, tea tree oil, baby oil, etc.) help loosen adhesives.
  • Rubbing alcohol 
  • Nail polish remover
  • Vinegar
  • Goo Gone adhesive remover
  • Hairdryer
  • Water (Not work on all stickers but can work to some degree)
  • Pencil eraser

FAQ (How to Remove Sticker From Laptop)

How to remove laptop stickers without damaging them?

Blow the hairdryer at the sticker for 20 sec. It will melt the glue beneath the sticker, then insert the razor or knife under the corner of the sticker to remove the sticker without damaging them.

How to remove glue from the laptop screen?

Soak a clean cloth or rag in a mixture of vinegar and water(vinegar has to bit more than water), apply it to the sticker, and leave it for 2 minutes. The mixture will dissolve the glue, and you can easily clean the residue with a cloth.

Should I remove Intel stickers from laptop?

You can remove the Intel stickers if you don’t need them and your
warranty expires, but if your laptop is brand new, removing it can lead to no acceptance from the manufacturer for repairing if it is in warranty.


Removing the stickers from the laptop is an easy task, but sometimes it gets complicated because of the old sticker or strong adhesive.

Luckily we cover all the possible ways on How to Remove Sticker From Laptop. So follow the steps mentioned in the guide, and you will be able to remove the sticker or residue easily from your laptop.

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