What Specs Should I Look for in a Gaming Pc

As we all know almost every one has its own computer or system. But not everyone has its own gaming computer because the gaming system is quite expensive to build. If you have a budget and you have a question in mind, what specs should I look for in a gaming pc? Then make sure you read till the end to get the answer to your question.

Many people have a budget to buy a gaming pc. But they make mistakes. They don’t have an idea about which parts are most important for gaming PCs. 

If one selects the parts for gaming PCs.If the parts are not good then you may face many problems Like lagging, frame drops, and many more which is very annoying and you don’t have great gaming experience. 

If one selects the best parts for gaming PCs. Then you don’t face any issues Like lagging, Frame drops, and many more problems are fixed If you have great gaming components for your gaming system.

What Specs Should I Look for in a Gaming Pc

You must look atleast Intel Core i7 processor, and 8GB RAM, Nvidia GTX 1050Ti Graphics Card, And 1 TB of Hard Drive which is great for beginner level gamers.

Can You Use a Regular Pc for Gaming

Many people ask me  “Can you use a regular pc for gaming”. Although If you are looking for my suggestion. I definitely buy a gaming pc If I am a high-end gamer. Because a high-end gamer plays a high graphics game Like GTA V, Call Of Duty Warzone, and many more due to which it is necessary for him to buy gaming PCs.

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But if you are a part-time gamer and you play low graphics games like GTA Vice City, Stronghold. Then you can play these games on a regular pc.

I hope you get the answer of “Can you use a regular pc for gaming”.

Is Buying a Gaming Pc Worth It

What Specs Should I Look for in a Gaming Pc

Many people ask is buying a gaming pc worth it. The answer depends If you are a gaming geek and you play high graphics games or If you want to take your gaming experience to the next level then my answer is “Yes”. You must invest in it.

Buying a gaming pc is easy for a technical person. But buying a great and high-end gaming system is not that easy. You must research different components of the gaming system. You must know about which gaming motherboards, graphics card, or RAM is good for high-end gaming.

As we already discussed a question of your’s which is “Should I buy a gaming pc” and we give you a reason If you are in that people category. We give you an answer which is “Yes”. You must buy it.

Before investing too much money in gaming pc. You must walk through the complete guide which is written below. I am sure that you don’t regret buying a gaming pc after that guide. Because here we highlight the important components of a gaming pc which is necessary for high-end gaming.

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There are three types of gamer in that era.

Entry Level Gamer

The name itself gives meaning. It means that this type of gamer won’t need games to be played at the highest settings. The middle settings are enough for these types of gamers. And these gaming PCs are not too expensive. You can easily build PCs with a budget of $1000.

Mid Level Gamer

The mid-level gamer prefers to play games on 60FPS. The mid-level gamer needs at least 1050ti GPU. But it is enough for today’s high graphics games at FULL HD or 1440px resolutions which is quite acceptable.

High-End Gamer

This type of gamer is a professional gamer. Who always loves to play games. But for this type of gamer, they must buy gaming PCs with have RTX 2060 which gives a user very well experience when playing games Like Call of Duty Warzone, Apex Legends, PUBG, etc.

On What Factors the Gaming Pc Price Depends

The gaming pc price depends on different aspects. Some gaming PC prices start from $1000, Some start from $2000, Some are too expensive, it all depends on the components that the PC has. The components are the CPU, RAM, Graphics Card, etc. The more powerful the components are in a PC the more expensive the gaming PC is.

What are the Important Components of a Gaming Pc

The below are the important components of a gaming PCs. 

  • A central processing unit (CPU)
  • Motherboard
  • Memory (RAM)
  • Graphics Card (GPU)
  • Storage — SSD or HDD
  • Power supply unit.
  • System cooling — CPU cooling
  • LED Case
  • Gaming Monitor (ASUS, Samsung, etc)
  • Peripherals (keyboard, mouse, headphones)
  • Operating system (Windows 10)

What Specs do I Need for a Gaming Pc

Below are the most important computer parts for gaming. We choose these requirements because we look for everyone’s budget. If you can afford a more expensive system then it would be great for you. If we talk about gaming the first most important computer parts for gaming is GPU which gives the power for the computer to play heavy games.

Recommended System Requirements
CPUIntel Core i5 or AMD A10
Storage500GB SSD & 1TB HDD
Monitor24 inches FHD
OSWindows 10
Power SupplyYes
System CoolingMust be Installed

I hope you find the answer to “what specs do I need for a gaming PC”

6 Quick Tips for Building Best Gaming PCs

1. Get an AMD A10 or Intel Core i5 processor and a Nvidia 1050Ti GPU for a better gaming experience. This will play games smoothly without any frame drop.

2. Spending $1,000 is great for gaming PCs. But I recommend starting around $700, You can get a great specs at that price point as well.

3. Try to buy a VR-ready Machine, If you have a budget. This will be great and a best purchase for future games.

4. Make sure to purchase a simple case which is easily upgradable and easy to open. Look for the case which is easily open with few or no tools.

5. Keep in mind when purchasing a gaming PCs. If you plan to replace some components of the system. Like replacing an old GPU or RAM or SSD to a new one is easy to install.

6. Make sure your gaming PCs must have USB Type-C and Thunderbolt Ports which helps to transfer or receive data faster. And also this will give you the advantage to connect two 4K monitors at once.

Final Words

The video gaming industry is growing too fast. Some people believe it will reach $300 billion by 2025 with revenue of billion dollars. As we might know every year many games are developed and More than 150 Million Americans play video games.

As the trend increases day by day. The computer companies try to focus on making hardware for that which is easily run heavy games.

If you are a gaming addict or love to play games. Then it would be great because playing games sometimes make you feel happy and entertaining.

In this complete guide, we focus to answer your question which is “What Specs Do I Need for a Gaming PC” and we hope that you get an answer to all your queries related to building a gaming PC.


1. Which Specification is great for a beginner level gamer

The PC must have Intel Core i5 7th Generation Processor, 8GB of RAM, 1 TB of Hard Drive, 1050Ti GPU which is great for beginners.

2. If my Monitor is 60Hz Does it won’t show anything more than 60FPS

The short answer of this question is “YES”

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