Why are Gaming Laptops so Expensive? (7 Main Reasons)

People who require the portability of a laptop but the power of a gaming system will benefit from gaming laptops since they combine the best of both worlds. Gaming equipment and components like pre-built PCs or laptops might cost a lot of money if they are high-end. If that’s true, Why are Gaming Laptops so Expensive?

Each manufacturer has its unique design pattern and parts are not replaceable, which is why gaming laptops cost so much money. In addition, because they have to fit into a compact laptop casing, production costs are greater than with standard PC parts.

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Gaming laptop or Gaming desktop:

Why are Gaming Laptops so Expensive
Why are Gaming Laptops so Expensive

A gaming desktop is more powerful than a gaming laptop with the same system requirements. There is more room in standard PC cases for all components, resulting in better heat dispersion and more cooling choices for the components installed. But is also the fact that gaming desktops are a headache because they can not easily move from one place to another, and that’s why people mostly prefer gaming laptops.

As a gamer, you’ve probably seen that gaming laptops typically sell for over $2,000, with some models costing upwards of $4,000. But some brands in the market provide the best gaming laptop under 1200 that will give you an incredible experience in the gaming world.

Reasons that Make Gaming Laptops so Expensive:

Distribution of heat and cooling

laptop fan cooling system

Cooling and heat dispersion are two of the major concerns with gaming laptops. Comparatively, modern PC cases can easily accommodate +6 fans, whilst laptops can only accommodate 2-3 fans. New cooling systems require a long time to find, create, and manufacture and they are expensive to produce.

Costly to Create Custom Parts For Each Laptop Model

Gaming laptop makers have a major difficulty because of the absence of suitable and replaceable gaming laptop parts. There is a need to develop bespoke motherboards, casings, and cooling solutions for their different product lines.

In mobile versions of the CPU, RAM, and GPU on gaming laptops, for example, they’re optimized for maximum performance even when power is constrained Those who want mobility and efficiency must pay a high price.

Laptops don’t come in one size fits all. As a result, the entire procedure is costly for every new model. Standardized parts for desktops are easy to come up with, which makes constructing, changing, and upgrading considerably cheaper. Costly bespoke laptop parts directly result from the work and resources that go into designing and manufacturing them.


It’s easier and less expensive to build new gaming desktops since the arrangement of components is typically the same. However, the architecture, thermal solution, and layout of gaming laptops differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, raising the expense of designing a new one.

Checking and Assembling

It’s not enough to make components; they must be evaluated for durability. Desktops do not have this difficulty because they are usually fixed.

Tests should be conducted on ruggedness and thermal solutions, efficiency, and power optimization. Thermal throttling must be kept in mind to enjoy a smooth play experience.

Small chassis must be precisely fitted with precision parts for laptops to work. The expense of employing and training specialists is extremely high, and this cost is passed on to the purchasers of the product. Testing and assembly need a lot of hands-on work, which is why many experts have been hired. To expedite the assembly process, these specialists must understand how new pieces join as new models are manufactured.


A prominent brand, such as Razer or Nvidia, has more costly items than other companies.

Such products are expensive to purchase since you’re not only buying the goods but also the brand’s prestige.

Warranties and Support Services

Gaming laptops come with a warranty, so you’re not just paying for the laptop, but also the warranty. Most high-end laptops come with a three-year limited warranty included in the price.

Players may buy laptops with confidence, knowing that if something goes wrong, they can return them to the manufacturer to have them repaired or replaced.

There is no guarantee on a custom-built PC because you will select individual components and putting them together yourself. As a result, they are more affordable.

Graphics Card

Graphics Card

In gaming laptops and PCs, the graphics card is one of the most important components. Good graphics cards are crucial to gaming performance, so make sure you invest in one.

Because of the limitations of the laptop form factor, gaming GPUs do not perform as well as on gaming PCs. This is due to the unit’s size and power. But the margin is closing faster and faster every day.

You’ll need to spend extra money on a high-end gaming card if you want the best performance. As a result, these GPUs can deliver incredible frame rates and visual processing. Get a laptop with a graphics card that can run the game you want to play with ease. Another option would be to get a laptop that cannot run your games.

Why are Gaming Laptops so Expensive?

Does the Battery Life of Gaming Laptops Last a very Long Time?

Whether your laptop will last relies on how well you take care of it Gaming laptops tends to live longer than ordinary laptops.

A mid-range laptop lasts about three to four years on average. High-end gaming laptops can last for four to six years.

As a general rule, the more expensive a laptop is, the better it is. A laptop’s life expectancy is not only determined by its price.

A gaming laptop’s lifespan mostly depends on the quality of the hardware, its maintenance, and its use.

Laptops designed for gaming are more durable and able to endure intensive use.

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FAQ(Why are Gaming Laptops so Expensive)

Below are some commonly asked questions regarding Why are Gaming Laptops so Expensive?

Why are gaming laptops so overpriced?

The gaming laptop has low performance than desktops still they cost so much because they offer portability and power.

Is a gaming laptop better than a regular laptop?

A gaming laptop is more powerful in specs as compared to a regular laptop and has better durability and performance so yes gaming laptop is better than a normal laptop.

Can gaming laptops be used for everyday use?

Gaming laptops are powerful, and they can do almost all the everyday tasks like watching youtube, doing office work, programming, and your business work.


Some of the reasons gaming laptops are so expensive include specialized parts and cooling solutions, as well as the necessity for manual expert testing and assembly.

A gaming laptop’s price rises when it adds amenities such as backlist RGB keyboards, high-resolution screens, and eye-catching decorations on its chassis. Despite their high price, they are still an excellent choice for PC gamers who enjoy playing on the move, despite their exorbitant cost.

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