[Top 6] Reasons Why Laptops are Better than Desktops

You might have many questions popped into your head when it comes to the comparison of laptops and desktop-like which is a better laptop or desktop? or why laptops are better than desktops?

We all agree on the fact that everyday tasks especially when it comes to business people or students cannot be completed without a computer and it is now a basic need for almost every business nowadays.

So in order to buy the computer, we all have many questions in our mind and have one objective to buy as reliable system possible so I will guide you on what to buy according to your need

And will also explain common questions like why laptops are better than desktop? Are laptops slower than desktops? Are laptops more expensive than desktop?

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Why Laptops are Better than Desktops

In this comparison, we will discuss some physical factors as well as some technical factors of why laptops are better than desktops.

1. Portability (ability to move)

why laptops are better than desktops

One of the most apparent reasons why choosing laptops over a desktop computer is the portability of a laptop.

Since they are small in size, you can carry it easily wherever you want as compared to the desktop which should be placed on the desktop as the name suggests or some sort of rigid surface like a table.

Laptops make the work routine of business owners and workers effective and easy as they didn’t have to sit to desktops in order to do work.

Due to its portability, they can even do the work while enjoying summer on the beach and from wherever they feel comfortable.

2. Space It takes

why laptops are better than desktop

Laptops, as compared to desktops, is slimmer, lighter, and small in size. So it can be used anywhere: on your sofa, on the dinner table, on your bed

This advantage of a laptop over a desktop is useful when you live in a small apartment and have space issues.

You can carry a laptop in a bag and if you are a travel lover and want to work remotely for your office and want to complete some uncompleted projects on your weekend so laptops is the best choice for you in that case.

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3. Easy To Use keyboard

laptop keyboard

When it comes to laptops Vs desktops the main difference is actually in terms of dimension. As laptops keyboard is integrated as part of the main body.

So typing on a laptop keyboard is much easier and faster as compared to desktops keyboard.

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4. Good resale value

resale price of laptop

If you are the kind of person who bored with things very early then this point might help you in an argument with desktop lovers why laptops are better than desktop.

Laptops have better resale value over the desktop because it is portable and its use nowadays is common. Students and workers can easily carry it in their bag which is one of the many reasons it has greater resale value as compared to desktops,

5. Battery of Laptop

battery of laptop

One of the reasons many people prefer laptops is you have a battery as a backup especially it is handy in those areas where electricity is not available all the time.

With its long-lasting battery, you don’t need messy cables which is irritating for many you just have to charge the battery with a single cable and that’s it your system is ready.

This option makes laptops more appealing to people and make it more user -friendly by design.

6. Price

price chart of laptop

Many people have this question in mind when it comes to buying a laptop are laptops more expensive than desktops?

Gone were the days when buying a laptop is considered to be a rich people thing and this is one of the main reasons people stick to the desktop computer.

Laptops prices were totally decreased in the last decade due to its demand many companies make that expensive system affordable to have its monopoly in the market.

Now in the market, there are so many options for people who want to buy a laptop in budget.

Especially for those people that are not so much demanding in specification and want it to be just good and workable with current software.

Are Laptops Slower than Desktops?

Laptop computer is slower as compared to desktop computers because it offers mobility so its parts is small whereas desktop computer having large parts offer speed and performance in the same price tag.

Faster and more powerful computers are available but with great power comes a great budget, So they will be more expensive as compared to desktop.

Laptop vs Desktop for Employees

Reasons to have a laptop at work are good for employees that need to work remotely and want more mobility in their day to day work whereas desktops are good in handling large projects of the corporation.

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Desktop computers have more powerful components and can have better performance when it comes to handling large projects. Also, it is easy to repair and less chances of damage.

Also desktop lasts longer as compared to laptops. Both have their own pros and cons So try to use them according to the nature of the job.


So after going through all the information on why laptops are better than desktops. We came to the conclusion that everybody has its own taste and every business have its own requirements

So try to find out the reason why you want a system for what purpose you need a system and based on this question you can decide better either laptop is ideal for you or desktop.

Both have its own pros and cons we can not deny the importance of any of the two gadgets.