How to Use Anti Static Wrist Strap Laptop – Step By Step

It’s a good idea to wear an anti-static wrist strap if you’re working on your laptop’s internal components since it prevents the voltage imbalance between your body and computer from wreaking havoc.

So the question is how to use an anti-static wrist strap laptop?

Before you can have confidence that you’re doing it correctly, it’s critical to understand what they truly are and what they accomplish. Let’s get started right away!

What Is An Anti Static Wrist Strap?

When technicians are constructing computers in video tutorials, you’ve undoubtedly heard or witnessed them using anti-static wrist straps. This should be enough to pique your interest as to why they’re necessary while building a computer.

To keep things simple, an anti-static wrist strap is used to ensure that the voltage difference between your body and the computer is equalized. Any extra static charge in your body will be dispersed as soon as possible by grounding it with an anti-static wrist strap.

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How To Use An Anti Static Wrist Strap

A strap can be worn at any location on your body, although many people like to put their straps around their wrists. The strap will include a piece of metal that must come in contact with your skin. If the metal is not touching your skin, you’ll need to adjust the strap.

When you’ve finished this, you’ll be able to do the following procedures to get started:

  • Disconnect the power supply from your system. There will be a switch on the back of your computer that you may use to turn off the device.
  • Connect the power cable from the power supply to your electrical outlet.
  • Attach an alligator clip to the wrist strap.
  • Attach the clip to the metal grill in the power supply patch or over it if possible.

You’ll need a clip to keep it in place, so make sure it’s connected to the metal. Because you’ll be manipulating the parts within the tower with your hand, the clip mustn’t be closed.

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Warning: Don’t clip the painted metal with the clip. Because there is no insulation equipment on paint metal, you won’t be able to ground yourself effectively. Always seek bare metal; it’s the best option.

How to Use Anti Static Wrist Strap Laptop


This is a wonderful technique to get yourself grounded, and it works very well. However, there are alternative methods.

Grounding pins are also accessible. Connect the alligator clip while wearing anti-static clip wraps. Like in the previous technique, you should wrap your wrist with the metal touching your skin.

Warning: It’s possible that this technique will be very harmful, and I urge you to check the location of your grounding pin in each nation. You will be electrocuted if you do not follow this procedure correctly.

You can use an alligator clip to connect an outlet with a grounding pin; but, before attaching the alligator clip to the pin or hook, make sure the electricity is off.

Grounding The Anti Static Wrist Strap To The Power Supply

1) Wear the strap by placing the metal portion of the strap against your skin.

NOTE: It’s possible to put it on almost anywhere on your body instead of just in your hand.

2) Turn your power supply OFF and plug the power cord into the outlet.

3) Attach the alligator clip to the power supply screw or one of the PSU fan grills.

4) Make sure it’s fastened securely. You will have comfort that you are grounded, and any charge should be dispersed as soon as possible once everything is in place.

Grounding The Anti Static Wrist Strap To The Grounding Pin

1) Wear the anti-static wrist strap with metal touching your skin.

anti-static wrist strap with metal touching skin

2) Before connecting the alligator clip, locate your grounding pin (depending on the country)

grounding in differnt countries

IMPORTANT: The grounding pin is where you’ll find it depending on your location(country). If you’re unsure which grounding pin to choose, playing video games could be hazardous.

3) Connect the alligator clip to the outlet’s grounding pin depending on where the grounding pin is located

Connect the alligator clip to the outlet's grounding pin

NOTE: Before attaching the alligator clip to the grounding pin/prong, ensure the switch is off.

4) Now you can install your PC without hesitation, knowing that it will not harm its delicate computer components with ESD

When Should You Not Wear A Wristband Ground Strap?

anti static wrist strap

It’s not necessary to wear the anti-static wristband every time you use your laptop or computer. Some situations when it’s not necessary to wear the anti-static wrist band are listed below.

  • When you are replacing your network adapters
  • Remove your computer’s cables from the rear of your keyboard and mouse.
  • Working inside a CRT (cathode ray tube) monitor with relatively high voltages is not recommended. Only qualified experts are permitted to do so as well.

FAQ(How to Use Anti Static Wrist Strap Laptop)

Do laptops need anti-static wrist straps?

When you’re working on a computer all day, having a safety device with you is critical. It’s not only about financial security; it’s also about your life. A good alternative is an anti-static wrist strap, which is not only inexpensive but also easy to use.

How do you ground yourself when working on a laptop?

Before you touch anything inside the laptop, bring your hand briefly in contact with a metal object to eliminate any static built-up. When using any peripherals, make sure you’re holding them by the edges; oils on your skin can cause electrical damage. A wrist anti-static bracelet may keep you grounded while you work.

What is the function of anti static wrist strap?

Wrist straps that prevent static electricity build-up are known as antistatic wrist straps. Antistat’s wristbands are meant to be worn close to the body, establishing a route to the ground.

Do anti static bracelets work?

To allow any static discharge to go from the operators to the ground safely, they should utilize an anti-static wristband. When working on a static-sensitive device/component without wearing a wristband, you may effectively transfer static discharge to the item and cause significant damage.


This is the end of our “How to use Anti Static Wrist Starp laptop” article. There are occasions when people claim they don’t need it. However, wearing it gives you greater peace of mind that you will not regret damaging your new PC component by accident.