How to Find Dell Laptop Model Number

If you are buying any accessories for your Dell laptop, you have first to know your laptop’s model number, So how to find a Dell laptop model number? or where do I find the model number on a Dell laptop?

There are many ways you can find your Dell laptop model number. You can find it from the white/silver sticker on the backside of your laptop, using cmd to find your Dell model number.

You can also find it in the system information of your Windows or some Dell laptop model showing the name during the boot-up process.

Locate the Identification Label for Finding Model Number

The identification label on most of the Dell laptops is on the backside near the battery. This label includes the certification, when the laptop was manufactured, laptop power requirements, and also the family name followed by the model number of the laptop.

The model will be after the family name of Dell laptops such as Inspiron, Latitude, Studio, Vostro, Precision, and XPS.

On many models there are two numbers labeled on the sticker, You have to look for the number after the laptop’s family name.

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The second number is called the serial number the difference between the model number and serial number is that the model number help identifies the products. In contrast, the serial number is unique to every product, which is issued during a production run.

Using System Information for Finding the Model Number of Dell Laptop

Finding the model number using system information is an easy method. I will recommend using this method because the sticker on the back can be fake too if you buy a used laptop.

How to Find Dell Laptop model number using system information?

First, go to Start and type system information in the search box, Press Enter

Finding the Model Number of Dell Laptop

The system information windows will appear.Locate the model number on the right side of the window.

dell laptop model number in system information tab

How to Find Dell Laptop Model Number Using CMD

Another method for finding your dell laptop model number is by using the Cmd Command. Below is a step by step method of how to find the dell laptop model number using cmd.

First, go to search in the bottom left corner of your windows

Type cmd in the search and press Enter

How to Find Dell Laptop Model Number Using cmd

 A Command prompt window will appear, type WMIC CSPRODUCT GET NAME, Press Enter. The model number will appear, as shown in the image below.

check dell laptop model number using cmd

Look over the ”Power ON” Screen

dell laptop power on

The model number and the family name( latitude, XPS, etc) are also displayed on many dell laptops during the initial boot-up process.

Restart your laptop and look for the model number above the loading bar. If your dell laptop doesn’t have the model number for some reason, you may try the above methods.

Dell model number check Using System Detect Utility

To download and run the dell system detect utility, you will need to follow these steps

Step 1) Go to the Dell Support section

Step 2) Scroll down the page to see an option asking, “What product can we help you with?” .This should display a button label as Download and Install Support Assistant.

Step3) Download and install the software. Run the software on your laptop; after successfully running the software on your computer, the dell support windows will be updated and display all the information about your laptop, including its family name and model number.

FAQ (How to Check Laptop Model)

Where do I Find the Model Number on a Dell Laptop?

  • Search “System Information” in the search bar, press Enter
  • Look for the Model number on the right side of the System Information Tab
  • The model number will look like this “Inspiron 3581

How do I find the serial number on my laptop Windows 10?

  • Type cmd in the search bar of the window, press Enter
  • The command prompt window will appear, type wmic bios get serialnumber
  • Press Enter; the serial number will be shown on the screen

How to know my Dell laptop specifications?

  • Type dxdiag in the search bar of the windows, Press Enter
  • A window will appear with all your Dell Laptop System Specifications
  • Go through the information for the specific specifications you need.


Hopefully, after reading the article, your problem of finding the model number of your dell laptop will be solved. I will advise you to go to the dell official website for further technical assistance on your laptop.

They will help you resolve your technical issues, but you have to follow the instructions carefully else you will be in trouble.

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