How To Check Laptop Fan Is Working Or Not? [ 3 Easy Ways]

If your laptop is heating or lagging when you are doing some heavy graphic and video editing tasks or running some heaving programs, this might be the issue with your laptop fan. So the question is how to check laptop fan is working or not? before diving into the cheaking first we will understand why laptop fan is important.

laptop fans are a significant part of chilling the inside operations of your laptops. They draw heat off the motherboard and processor, and overwhelm hot air from them- – similar as a radiator fan overwhelms hot air from a motor.

Overheating of your laptop can make glitches and harm significant parts inside, which can mean expensive fixes. Testing your laptop fan is significant and simple enough that you ought to get it done with some routineness.

In the event that your laptop fan is quiet, the air close to the vents is quiet and the laptop is exceptionally hot, all things considered, the fan isn’t working. Laptop cooling fans assume a pivotal part in laptop life span and usefulness, and an overheated framework doesn’t function admirably.

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Importance of Laptop Fan

Importance of Laptop Fan

The laptop fan is important to cool down the internal component make your system work smoothly at its peak performance, and ensure longevity and durability.

But why cooling the laptop is important?

The main reason behind this is to make your laptop work at its peak performance and improve your laptop or PC’s smooth working.

When the laptop hardware is heated, it keeps on lagging, and also, the worst scenario with laptop heating problem is that it can damage other internal components.

As laptop and computer hardware is designed to resist certain temperatures and exceeded your entire laptop, it can break down.

The fan is the most important component of your laptop or computer, and it needs to be working fine to ensure the smooth working of your laptop or PC

But the question is how to know if my laptop fan is working or not? That’s what we will discuss further.

3 Methods to Check Laptop Fan working or Not

As the laptop fan is fitted inside the chases, you cannot see the fan moving unless and until you open the case. There are a few easy ways you can check the fan working.

  • By carefully listening to the laptop fan sound in silence
  • By feeling the air coming out from the vents of the laptop
  • By using Software that will show your system hardware specs

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By Listening to Laptop Fan’s Sound:

Check Laptop Fan Is Working Or Not

The laptop fan is constantly rotating to throw the heat out from the laptop; it slows down when the load is uplifted and speeds up when placed under immense stress by running heavy Software or Games etc.

So the method I will show you is so easy; you have to bring your ear closer to your laptop fan, where it is located mainly on the sides and bottom of the laptop body, and by doing so, you will notice some whirling sound.

But if you don’t hear any such sound, don’t worry, the latest laptops are designed in such a way that they only turn on their fan when the load increase and in the rest mode they turn off automatically to save battery and resources of laptop.

So what you have to do is turn on your laptop and run some software or open chrome and play high resolutions video. Now you will be able to hear the laptop fan sound.

Note: Generally, the fan sound is smooth; if you notice some jaggy and rough sound, the fan is probably be broken or have some fault or either it has dirt, so you have to open the case or clean and replace the fan yourself or take help of a mechanic.

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By Feeling the Air Coming Out of the Laptops Fan Vent

Feeling the Air Coming Out of the Laptops Fan Vent

A laptop is generally designed to make it portable and easy to carry and use, so the fan of a laptop is also small, and the air coming out of it is also difficult to notice.

So what you have to do is put some cloth and paper near the laptop vents. If there is a slight movement, the fan is working fine and throwing air out of the laptop.

You can also feel the warm air by putting your hands in front of the laptop fan exhaust points.This metod of cheacking your laptop fan working or not is so easy and effective.

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By Using Software that will show your System Hardware Specs

check laptop fan working by software

There are numerous Software out there designed to keep an eye on your hardware devices’ stats and how it performs.

By using these Software, you will have all your hardware performance, heat, how it functions, and many of these Software also detects fault and error in your hardware.

By using these Software, you will be able to control some of your hardware devices. For example, you can control your fan speed and much more.

I will suggest you download and run Software such as Burnin test and Core temp, and the good news is that these programs are free to use.

This Software pushes your laptop computer to its limits and tests the processor’s speed and heat.

And these results will provide in-depth data on how your laptop or computer is performing, and you will be able to know if there is any fault on your laptop fan, so do check it out.

Software For Checking Laptop Fan In Windows

Real Temp, SpeedFan, Arhus Monitor, HW Monitor, etc., are some of the software out there for Windows users to test their computer performance and not only performance. These software will give you the power to have control over your hardware.

Among these software, “SpeedFan” and “Real temp.’’ are popular and widely used. You will be able to control the speed of your laptop fan and will have a check on your system temperature.

You will also know what temperature is harmful to your system, and when you reach that temperature, you will have to immediately turn off your laptop for some time to make its temperature normal.

Software For Checking Laptop Fan In Mac

For mac users, I will suggest trying “iStat Menu ” to keep an eye on your system health and performance, or you can also use “Fanny” a free software used for monitoring your Mac’s fan status.

Install these software and analyze the result, and you will be able to know whether my laptop fan is working or not.


The laptop Fan is one of the key components and makes the overall system run smoothly by throwing the heat out of its vents and in this article, I cover all the necessary information on how to check laptop fan is working or not?

In short, you can check your laptop fan is working or not by using different software such as Real Temp or SpeedFan and also you can check it by manual method of hearing the sound and feeling the heat with your hand from the Vents.