How to Find the Right Charger for my Dell Laptop

Find a suitable charger replacement is sometimes a headache but don’t worry. This guide covers the whole process of choosing the correct charger for your dell laptop. So, How to Find the Right Charger for my Dell Laptop?

Before going to the actual process of finding your dell laptop charger, first, understand the laptop charger, so you know what is important and what’s not.

A laptop charger has two functions, the first one is to charge the laptop battery, and the second one is to run the laptop on A/C current directly.

Also, not every charger can fit and are compatible with every laptop, so make sure to pick the proper charger when picking the replacement for your dell laptop charger/adaptor.

Note: If you pick the wrong charger that is not compatible with your laptop can cause severe internal component damage and even burn your laptop

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How to Find the Right Charger For My Laptop

What to Look for When Buying a Dell Laptop Charger

While finding the right replacement charger/adaptor for your dell laptop, below are some important attributes to look for as they will help choose the correct charger.

Pin Type

How to Find the Right Charger for my Dell Laptop

The pin type of laptop charger is an important attribute as every brand, model, and series of laptops have different pin sizes.

So to find the correct size of the charger pin, you have to do two things: to measure the inner diameter of the pin, and the second is to measure the outer diameter of the pin.

For finding pin size you can refer to this article on how to measure the pin size of a laptop charger?

Note: Measure the pin size of the charger that is broken and for which you are finding the replacement

Input Voltage

The voltage supply by the power source to the laptop charger/adaptor is called the input voltage of the laptop charger. Usually, it is 100-200 V. Look at the back of your previous broken charger for the output voltage value, and you can look for the new one with the same value as your old one.

Output Voltage

The Voltage supply by laptop charger to laptop battery. The same is the case with output voltage. You have to compare the output voltage of your new charger with the old one; if similar, then buy the charger.


Dell laptop charger current requirements
Dell laptop charger current requirements

The most crucial step will be to check the current requirement of your laptop and find the right current charger for your laptop.

Note: If there is a slight difference in this step, it can burn out your laptop or cause internal component damage.

Usually, the current is mention on the back sticker of your laptop charger, so do check your previous old charger and but the recommended and compatible current charger.

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Find Dell Laptop Charger Using Model Number

If your dell laptop charger sticker is unclear, then finding the correct value of input/output voltage and current is not possible in this case; what you have to do is to find the right charger for your dell laptop using the model number your dell laptop.

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For this, you have to go to the window search ad type “Run.exe” Then, a new search window will appear. Now type “dxdiag” and press enter.

find dell laptop model number

A window will appear where you will have all your system information, including the model number of your dell laptop. Copy the model number from there. Paste the model number in google, for example, “Dell Latidue charger,” and the manufacture’s website will give you the correct charger for your dell model.

Find dell Laptop Charger Using Model Number

Dell Laptop Charger Compatibility List

Inspiron Laptop Model

Inspiron Laptop Model Compatible Adapters Minimum Power Required
B120PA-16 (60W)60W
B13060WPA-16 (60W)
X200PA-8 (50W), PA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W),X200
1000PA-16 (60W)60W
E1405PA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)65W
E1505PA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)65W
E1705PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)90W
1100PA-9 (90W)90W
1150PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)90W
1200PA-16 (60W)60W
1300PA-16 (60W)60W
PA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)
1501PA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)65W
PA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)
PA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)
1720PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)90W
1721PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)90W
2000ADP-50SB (50W)50W
2100ADP-50SB (50W)50W
2200PA-16 (60W)60W
2500PA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)70W
2600PA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)70W
2650PA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)70W
PA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)
3000PA-3 (45W), PA-4 (70W), PA-5 (60W)45W
3200PA-3 (45W), PA-4 (70W), PA-5 (60W)45W
3500PA-4 (70W), PA-5 (60W)60W
3700PA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)70W
3800PA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)70W
4000PA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)70W
PA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)
4150PA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)70W
PA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)
PA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)
5000 / 5000ePA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)70W
5100PA-9 (90W)90W
5150PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)130W
5160PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)130W
600mPA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)65W
630mPA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)65W
6000PA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)65W
6400PA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)65W
640mPA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)65W
700mPA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)65W
710mPA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)65W
7000PA-4 (70W)70W
7500PA-4 (70W)70W
8000PA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)70W
8100PA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)70W
8200PA-9 (90W)90W
8500PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)90W
8600 / 8600cPA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)65W
9100PA-15 (150W)150W
9200PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)90W
9300PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)90W
9400PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)90W

Latitude Computers

Latitude Computer ModelCompatible Adapter Family (Power Supplied)Minimum Power Required
100LPA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)90W
110LPA-16 (60W)60W
120LPA-16 (60W)60W
131LPA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)65W
C400PA-8 (50W), PA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)50W
C500PA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)70W
C510PA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)70W
C540PA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)70W
C600PA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)70W
C610PA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)70W
C640PA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)70W
C800PA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)70W
C810PA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)70W
C840PA-9 (90W)90W
CPPA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)70W
CPiPA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)70W
CPiAPA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)70W
CPiRPA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)70W
CPtCPA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)70W
CPtVPA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)70W
CPxHPA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)70W
CPxJPA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)70W
PA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)
CSxHPA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)70W
D400PA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)65W
D41PA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)65W
D420PA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)65W
D430PA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)65W
D500PA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)65W
D510PA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)65W
D520PA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)65W
D531PA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)65W
D600PA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)65W
D61PA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)65W
D620PA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)65W
D630PA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)65W
D631PA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)65W
D800PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)90W
D810PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)90W
D82PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)90W
D830PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)90W
ADP-50SB (50W)50W
LSADP-50SB (50W)50W
LTPA-7 (39.6W)50W
V700PA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)70W
V710PA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)70W
V740PA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)70W
X1PA-17 (50W), PA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)50W
X200PA-8 (50W), PA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)50W
PA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)65W

Precision Computers

Precision Computer ModelCompatible Adapter Family (Power Supplied)Minimum Power Required
M20PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)90W
M2300PA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)65W
M40PA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)70W
M4300PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)90W
M50PA-9 (90W)90W
M60PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)90W
M6300PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)130W
M65PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)90W
M70PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)90W
M90PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)130W

SmartStep Computers

SmartStep Computer ModelCompatible Adapter Family (Power Supplied)Minimum Power Required
100nPA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)70W
200nPA-11 (90W)90W
250nPA-11 (90W)90W

Vostro Computers

Vostro Computer ModelCompatible Adapter Family (Power Supplied)
Minimum Power Required
1000PA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)65W
1400PA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)65W
1500PA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)65W
1700PA-10 (90W), PA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)90W

Mobile XPS Computers

Mobile XPS Computer ModelCompatible Adapter Family (Power Supplied)Minimum Power Required
Gen2PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)130W
M1210PA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)65W
M1330PA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)65W
M140PA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)65W
M170PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)130W
M1710PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)130W
M2010PA-15 (150W)150W
XPSPA-15 (150W)150W

FAQ(How to Find the Right Charger for my Dell Laptop)

How do I know what charger I need for my Dell laptop?

To know which charger, you need to see the sticker on the back of the charger. There you will find the charger model number, which you can use to find the replacement.

Do all Dell laptops use the same charger?

No dell charger will not work on all dell models as different models have different power requirements and pin sizes. But If your laptop power requirement matches the output power of the charger, then you can use it.


In this article, we thoroughly discuss how to Find the Right Charger for Dell laptops. As Dell laptop is a big brand and has many series and models, finding a suitable replacement is sometimes a headache.

Hopefully after reading this article, you will be able to find the correct charger for your laptop.