How to Know the Pin Size of Laptop Charger

When looking for a replacement power supply, charger, or adapter you need to make sure that the correct size of pins is used. Pin sizes may vary depending on the type of device and even changes between different variations of the same model.

Before we go into the specifics of different plug sizes or how to know the pin size of laptop charger, it’s important to note that using an incorrect power rating for your device can often cause irreparable damage.

The laptop power adapter is a vital asset for any laptop user. It allows you to run your laptop while being connected to the AC socket and will also charge your battery in the process.

So, knowing the correct pin size is important. Read on below to make an informed decision on choosing the right pin size charger for your laptop

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Understanding Pin Size of Laptop Charger

The sizes for the various pins are typically given in fractions of an inch, but some manufacturers do give the measurements in millimeters.

To measure the laptop pin first understand the pin size of a laptop. They are in millimeters for example 5.5/2.5mm ( Outer diameter/Inner Diameter/Millimeter)

To understand this example you need to first understand the outer diameter and inner diameter and how to measure it.

Outer Diameter

Outer Diameter of laptop charger pin

This is the outer metal ring of the adapter’s tip, which must match the outer diameter of your ports when inserting. This measurement is in millimeters.

Inner Diamter

Inner Diameter of laptop charger pin

This is the inner metal ring of the adapter’s tip, measured in millimeters. It should be similar to the measurement of your laptop power socket

Laptop charger tip size chart

Laptop charger tip size chart
Laptop charger tip size chart

To understand the difference in chargers, we can compare their tip size.

This chart shows the different types of tips that are used with laptop chargers. The charger tip size is measured in millimeters and ranges from 6mm to 11mm. There are two main types of tips: barrel and cloverleaf. Barrel tips are found on most older laptops, while cloverleaf tips are more common on newer laptops.

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How to measure Laptop charger Pin

The laptop pin is so small in diameter, and we cannot miss the small details as it will lead us to select the wrong pin for our laptop

If you have your original adaptor, you can match the new one with it, but for some reason, if you don’t have what, you can measure it with a caliper if you have, and you can use the scale as well, but you will have to measure carefully.

Measure from the top of the laptop charger pin to the bottom of it. Measure from side-to-side across the middle of it (The diameter). Measure from front to back (The height).

Measuring the laptop pin size is a crucial step as a slight error in measurement can result in a wrong adaptor which can cause your laptop to burn out or be damaged.

Note: If you’ve found a power adapter that has the same size pin as your device, make sure you check its Amps & Volts requirement. If they match your device’s requirements, then it’s alright.

If your device uses a USB(A, B, C) connector, you can technically charge on any USB charger; however, it is wise to know what amperage the charger has because if the charger is of low power then your charging speed will be slow

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FAQ (How to Know the Pin Size of Laptop Charger)

How much voltage is required to charge a laptop?

Technically, the answer really depends on what type of laptop you have. Laptops can require anywhere from 11 volts to 18 volts to charge them. This will depend on the wattage of the charger and the battery as well as the design of your individual laptop.

How do you fix a laptop charger tip?

The charger tip on a laptop is usually based on a “Polarity” system. This means that the charger will have either (+) or (-) symbols on the tip, so if you’re plugged in and the light isn’t turning on, try flipping the power adapter around 180 degrees.

How can I charge my laptop with a different charger?

When traveling, the best way to avoid having to buy a new charger is to bring a universal adapter with you. This will allow you to connect your laptop charger to any standard voltage outlet.


After reading this article, you have the knowledge to know the correct size of your laptop charger pin. When buying a new charger, don’t compromise – there are many low-quality power supplies in the market.

So after finding put the charger tip next thing is to find the voltage and power of that charger you can take help from this article How to Find the Right Charger For My Laptop