How To Rotate Camera In Sims 4 On Laptop (Easy Way)

Wondering how to rotate camera in Sims 4 on laptop? Well, you have come to the right source.

Sims 4 is a very addicting social simulation game developed by Maxis and have many version; the latest is Sims 4.

The game is getting better with every new version and has many ways to build your simulation.

In the Sims 4 game, to build your house, you have to look at the house from different angles and to do this, you have to rotate the camera but it’s confusing for people who are playing it the first time.

Here in this guide, we cover different ways to rotate the camera in Sims 4. I will be covering both of the operating systems, Mac and Windows.

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How to Rotate the Camera Angle in Sims 4 on a Windows PC

The rotation of the camera in the windows operating system is simple. You have to follow the steps below to do it.

1) Press the Ctrl key and hold it

rotate camera in sims 4 windows

2)Click the left mouse button and hold it

click left mouse

3)Move the mouse in any direction, and your camera will follow the movement

move mouse in any direction

4)Zoom in and out the camera by the scrolling wheel of a mouse

zoom in and out in sims 4

Also, in the camera mode, you can control the viewing angle using the keyboard W, A, S, D keys and using the FN key with the upward or downward arrow to move the camera up or down.

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How to Rotate the Camera Angle in Sims 4 on a Mac

If you are playing Sims 4 on Mac and want to change the camera angle, you have to follow the same steps as we did in windows but slightly different.

1) Press and hold the Command key on Mac.

Press and Hold command key

2) Click and hold the left key of the mouse.

hold left key mouse

3) Move the mouse in the direction you want to change the camera, and it will change, but you have to hold the command key and left-click of a mouse.

move mouse in all direction

4) For Zooming in or out, you have to use the mouse scrolling wheel

zoom in and out using mouse wheel

If you are in camera mode, you can use the W, S, A, D keyboard key to change the camera viewing angle and a combination of Fn + upward arrow and down arrow key to move the camera up and down.

Rotate Camera In Sims 4

How to Rotate the Camera Angle Vertically Up and Down

Tilting the camera view upward and downward will not be easy if you are playing the game the first time, but you will master it with practice. Here is how to tilt the camera upward and downward in sims 4.

1) Press and hold the Ctrl key in the window and Command key in Mac.

sims 4 shortcut

2) Click and hold the left mouse button

sims 4 left mouse key

3) Move the Cursor up to move the camera up.

move cursor up

4) Move the Cursor down to move the camera down.

move cursor down

Alternatively, you can use the Fn+ upward arrow or down arrow key to move the camera up and down.

How to Rotate the Camera Angle in Sims 4 Build Mode

In the build mode of Sims 4, you are purchasing and setting your house, so you need a different camera angle.

But changing the camera angle is the same as we did in live mode.

1) Press and hold the Ctrl key in Windows and Command key in Mac.

hold ctrl and command key

2) Click the left mouse button and hold it.

hold left key of mouse

3) Drag the mouse around, and the camera will follow it.

drag mouse and camera will follow

FAQ (How To Rotate Camera In Sims 4 On Laptop)

How to switch between camera types in Sims 4?

Switching the camera in Sims 4 can be done using 2 ways. One is short and straightforward, while the other is long. Below are the steps to change the camera using game settings.

1) Open the game menu by pressing the Esc key
2) Click on Game Option
3) Click on Controls & Camera and select the camera view

The short method uses the Ctrl + Shift + Tab shortcut, but on Mac, you will use the Command key instead of control.

How to Access First Person Camera View On a console in Sims 4?

The control as compared to pc is limited in the console for Sims 4 game. Changing the angle is not an easy task, but you can move the camera up and down. Also, you can switch camera views, enabling either third or first-person view.

For Xbox, you have to press and hold the RS button and use the controller’s right stick to move the camera around, whereas, in Playstation, you have the Press R3 button.


Once you know how to control the camera angle in sims 4, the gameplay will be more fun as you can adjust the camera angle wherever you want.

Hopefully, you will now be able to change the camera angles in Sims 4 to enjoy the game to the fullest if you are still stuck at some point, you can ask us via comment, and we will be happy to help.