Lenovo Laptop Won’t Turn On (ISSUE FIXED)

The Lenovo Laptop Won’t Turn On issue is most common with Lenovo laptop users nowadays. Users are complaining that their Lenovo Laptop won’t turn on and stay in sleep and hibernation mode.

And in some cases, it even doesn’t turn on at all. If this is the case with you, then we can only do external troubleshooting and fixes like switching and removing batteries, and changing adaptors and other peripheral devices to sort out the problem of the Lenovo laptop not turning on.

After researching the Lenovo Laptop won’t turn on issue, we found out that the primary reason for this issue is corrupter bios, improper update to bios and changes to the Windows registry.

But don’t worry, we have got you covered; read this article to the end, we will troubleshoot and fix the issue with a step-by-step approach, and in the end, you will be able to find out the cause, and your Lenovo laptop will turn on.

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Lenovo Laptop Won’t Turn On: Issue Overview

So the issue is when you press the power button, it does nothing, and in some cases, the laptop’s light blinks 2 to 3 times with a black screen.

Many Users also face no response from the laptop after pressing the power button, not even a blinking light, or keypad backlight, and there is no BIOS instruction. The laptop looks completely dead.

The reason for “Lenovo Laptop Won’t Turn On” is various one of which is newly installed hardware like RAM or Secondary storage. Below are some of the most common reasons listed for your reference.

Battery Issue:
The battery is the first thing you have to look for when troubleshooting the Lenovo laptop not turning on the problem if the battery doesn’t provide enough external power to turn on your laptop. The reason for that is the battery is old and damaged or either not compatible with your laptop.

Voltage Issue:

The other issue might be with the AC adaptor not providing sufficient voltage, and due to this, the system will not perform as intended, So do check your AC adaptor cord.

Improper Shutdown:

Sometimes users shut down laptops improperly as BIOS and registry are sensitive areas to operate in, and a slight change in registry can affect overall system performance.

Lenovo Laptop Won’t Turn On: Related Issues

Below are some of the most common and related problems to Lenovo Laptops that Won’t Turn On. The method to fix these issues is the same. If you relate to one of these issues, this guide will help you sort it out.

Lenovo Laptop Won’t Turn On Power Button Flashing: In this issue, when a user presses the power button, the power led is flashing and blinks, but the Laptop won’t turn on. Try the below step-by-step method to fix the issue.

Lenovo Laptop Won’t Turn On No Lights: In this issue, when a user tries to power on the Laptop, the power led doesn’t blink, which means it doesn’t turn on. Try the below step-by-step method to fix the issue.

Lenovo Laptop Won’t Turn On No Removable Battery: If your Lenovo laptop has a non-removable battery, then fixing it gets a little bit tricky as you have to put your hands on the inside of the laptop architecture. It will be easy if you are techy; else, I will suggest consulting an expert.

Lenovo Laptop Not Starting Up Black Screen: In this issue, when a user taps on the power button, the laptop screen is stuck on the black screen, and there is no movement on the screen or any BIOS message. It seems like the Laptop is freeze, but the Laptop is not responding. Try the method below, and it will be fixed.

Lenovo Laptop Won’t Turn On Internal Battery: In this issue, as you have an internal battery, you will have to work on the internal component of your Laptop. You can also consult an expert or take help from a youtube tutorial.

Lenovo Laptop Power Light Blinking But Won’t Turn On: This issue is the same as we talked about earlier. The power button will constantly blink, and there is no sign of the Lenovo Laptop turning on.

Lenovo Laptop Won’t Turn On Unless Plugged In The laptop won’t turn on with its battery in this issue, but when you removed the battery and plugged in the power adaptor, the laptop turns on. In this case, your battery is damaged and should be replaced with a new one, so your Laptop works appropriately.

Lenovo Laptop Won’t Turn On After Bios Update: The Lenovo laptop turns off when you perform a BIOS update. So after that, when a user presses the power button, the Lenovo laptop won’t turn on. So, in this case, the issue is with the motherboard, and it’s a core-level issue. Visit a Lenovo service centre or laptop repair service to fix the problem.

Basic Troubleshooting For Lenovo Laptop Won’t Turn On

Before going to the actual fixes, do the basic troubleshooting as sometimes this can fix the issue. Check your hardware or any external that may cause the “Lenovo laptop won’t turn on” problem.

Hardware Defect:

The most common reason your Lenovo laptop is not turning is faulty hardware. If you press the power button and there is a strange noise, and the laptop is not booting up, chances are the hardware is the culprit. You have to fix it from the expert.

One of the other common reasons is that installing new hardware on the motherboard like SSD or RAM can also cause the laptop to not turn. So, we advise you to again reinstalled the RAM and check it.

Laptop Not Charge:

The other basic reason is your Lenovo laptop is not fully charged. Connect the Lenovo laptop to a compatible charger and charge it completely.

After this now we will start with the fixes. Below we have a list of fixes. Ensure to follow the steps in the correct order so the Lenovo laptop won’t turn on the issue is solved in no time.

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Before proceeding, make sure there is no external device attached like USB, Printer, or any peripheral.

Note: For use having a non-removable battery Lenovo laptop I will suggest you read this article Remove the built-in battery and be careful when opening the laptop case and work with internal component

Step by Step How to Fix Lenovo Laptop Won’t Turn On

Below is the step-by-step approach to solving the Lenovo laptop won’t turn on issue.

1)Look Into Overheating Issue

Lenovo Laptop Won't Turn On

A laptop is designed and built very precisely as its internal hardware is fragile and can damage easily. It has an internal thermal protection system, SO whenever the laptop is heated, the thermal protection system automatically turns off the laptop to prevent internal hardware damage.

The laptop is heated because the vents are blocked when you use your laptop on a bed as the fan vent is blocked so as a result the laptop is heated we suggest you use a laptop on a desk or if you want to use it on a bed place it in a way that doesn’t block the vents.

So to fix this, leave the laptop for some hours to let it cool down. If it has a removable battery, do remove it also.

After letting it cool down for an hour, install the battery and turn on the laptop. If the Lenovo laptop won’t turn on the issue is solved, then good if not, check the other method below.

Note: If your Lenovo laptop cannot vent out heat, it means the laptop fan is not working or is damaged. So because of this issue, your laptop is not turning on. Fix the fan if possible else, replace it with a new one.

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2)Examine the battery and Power adaptor

Examine battery and Power adaptor of lenovo laptop

In this step, you have to examine the battery, and power adaptor, as these are the primary components for the laptop.

The issue can be with the laptop battery, or the AC adaptor power cord is damaged internally, as a result, will supply improper voltage So let test it.

  1. Remove the battery from the laptop
  2. Connect the AC adaptor to the laptop and Turn on the laptop by pressing the power button
  3. If the laptop turns on, it means the batter has an issue

To replace the battery with a new one, and will fix the issue. You can still use the AC adaptor to power up your laptop until you get a new battery.

Note: If the laptop doesn’t turn on, the issue might be with the AC adaptor. Use other laptops’ AC adaptors with similar voltage and repeat the above steps.

3)Drain the Residual Power from Laptop

Drain the Residual Power from Lenovo laptop

Residual power is the power left in the laptop when you turned off the laptop primarily stored in a capacitor, etc. Residual power can cause the laptop not to turn on and a power glist, so follow the steps below to drain out the residual power from your Lenovo laptop.

  1. Remove the battery from a laptop
  2. Remove the AC adaptor or any other external hardware
  3. If you have a removable battery, remove the battery from the system
  4. Now press the power button 10 times repeatedly
  5. On pressing the power button 11 times, hold it for 30 seconds
  6. Now you have to connect only the AC adaptor, not the battery.
  7. Press the power button if it turns on. Let it turn entirely on, and then shut it down properly.
  8. Now install the battery back into the Lenovo laptop and press the power button to turn it on.

Note: Repeat this method two times if, on the first try, it didn’t work.

If this method does not work for you, check our following method below.

4)Press the Emergency Reset Hole

Emergency Reset Hole of lenovo laptop

There is an emergency reset hole on most of the Lenovo laptops used in cases when your laptop has a problem turning on.

The emergency reset hole usually resets the laptop and refreshes it, So if there is any conflict, it can sort out automatically.

How to use Lenovo emergency reset hole? Below are the step-by-step ways to use the emergency reset hole to fix the Lenovo laptop won’t turn on issue.

  1. Remove the AC adaptor and battery
  2. Remove any external hardware device like a mouse, printer etc
  3. Look for the emergency reset hole in your Lenovo laptop
  4. Once you find it presses it with the help of a sim ejector or needle
  5. Now press the power button to turn on your laptop

Doing this will fix your issue of a black screen and a Lenovo laptop not turning on issue. But if, for some reason, it didn’t work for you, follow the following method below.

5)CMOS Battery Replacement

CMOS Battery Replacement in lenovo laptop

There is a CMOS battery in every laptop, which is usually used for date and time. Also, it stores the BIOS setting in the motherboard. 

Checking the CMOS battery is a bit technical as it requires so much care when working on it and can cause many problems if not dealt with precisely.

Faulty CMOS is also one of the reasons your Lenovo laptop is not turning on, and replacing it will fix it. Don’t worry; it is not costly and can easily be available in your local laptop repair workshop.

Below are the steps to replace your CMOS battery 

  1. First Unplugged all the external devices and any power source battery and AC adaptor.
  2. Remove the case of the laptop and follow this link to perform the CMOS battery removal and Installation.

After you finish with the step and turn on your laptop, you might see an error message. Don’t worry about it because of the newly installed CMOS battery. Follow the on-screen instruction, and you will be able to fix the issue.

Note: If your issue is still not fixed, there might be internal component damage like motherboard, RAM, Video card, or other hardware or software issues.

If you opened up your laptop recently, chances are by mistake; you may damage the internal component. So I will suggest going to the nearest laptop repair shop or Lenovo official support.

Tips To Avoid the Not Turning On issue in the Future

  • Turn Off the Laptop properly without having tasks running in the background.
  • Not Work in the registry or any other sensitive as a slight change in the setting can cause the laptop to not work in the desired manner.
  • Do not interrupt the laptop during updates, whether it is windows or BIOS updates.
  • Make sure not to block the air vents. Put a notebook or something below it to avoid hot air blockage.

Contact Lenovo Official Support

If your Lenovo laptop won’t turn on the issue is not fixed after trying all the methods above, there might be a damaged internal component or software glitch.

I advise you to consult Lenovo Customer support. They will guide you further, or you can also physically go to the nearest Lenovo service center. You can check this link to find the nearest Lenovo service center in your area.

FAQ (Lenovo Laptop Won’t Turn On)

Below are some frequently asked questions on the laptop not turning on issue.

  1. How do I fix my Lenovo laptop that won’t turn on?

    If your Lenovo laptop won’t switch on, there are a few potential fixes. You might try unplugging all accessories, taking out the battery, and the AC adapter, then turning the device back on after holding down the power button for 30 seconds. If that doesn’t work, you may also try restarting the BIOS or starting the laptop in safe mode. If none of these fixes are successful, there might be a hardware problem, so you should get expert help.

  2. Where is the reset button on a Lenovo laptop?

    Most Lenovo laptops don’t have a physical reset button. Holding down the power button for 10 to 15 seconds until the laptop shuts down entirely allows you to reset the device. Then, wait for a few seconds before pressing the power button again to turn it back on. Alternatively, you can perform a reset through the operating system settings or use the Lenovo OneKey Recovery feature.

  3. What is the Lenovo black screen of death?

    The Lenovo black screen of death is a problem where the laptop fails to boot up and displays only a black screen. This can be caused by hardware issues, outdated drivers, or corrupted system files. It can be challenging to diagnose and fix, but solutions include updating drivers, performing a system restore, or seeking professional assistance.

  4. What do I do if my Lenovo Yoga laptop won’t turn on?

    To fix a Lenovo Yoga laptop that won’t turn on, disconnect all peripherals, remove the battery and AC adapter, hold down the power button for 30 seconds, then plug in the adapter and turn it back on. Alternatively, try booting the laptop in safe mode or resetting the BIOS. Seek professional assistance or contact Lenovo customer support if none of these methods work.


I hope after trying our method you will be able to fix the Lenovo laptop won’t turn-on issue if still, you are having a problem turning on your laptop and have not been able to do the steps you can contact us via comment, and we will assist you further.

Do check the tips to avoid the issue in the future. Once the problem gets fixed, do tell us which method worked for you in the comments. We love your feedback about our work.