How Much does a Laptop Weight

Laptops are often carried to work, school, and on trips, so their weight is a significant issue. In fact, one of the first questions that people ask when they learn about laptops is how much does a laptop weight?

So let me answer this in short.

Laptops range in weight from about 2 to 8 pounds. They are usually divided into five categories: Ultrabook/Chromebook (1 – 3 lbs), Ultraportable (2 – 5 lbs), Thin and Light (3-6 lbs), Desktop Replacement (4 lbs), and Luggables (8 lbs).

The portability of the Laptop has earned it a reputation. When planning a new laptop, you must consider several factors, one of which is its usual weight. We’ll present some intriguing facts regarding laptop weight, so keep reading.

Laptops come in a wide range of sizes due to the different components they include. Some laptops, for example, may have more fans to meet a user’s demands. The size and weight of the Laptop are other elements that might influence this. There are several variables to consider, and comprehending them can assist you in selecting the best Laptop.

Components Included In Laptop Weight

Below are the components which are included when you are looking for how much does a laptop weight?

List of components included in laptop weight:

  1. Display Screen
  2. Input-output component
  3. Small speakers
  4. keyboard
  5. Data storage devices
  6. Pointing Devices (Touchpad or Pointing device)
  7. Charger

Why Laptop Weight Matters?

Laptops are often lighter than desktop computers because they rely on smaller, more energy-efficient components.

The weight of a laptop has an impact on its mobility. If you’ve ever traveled by air or train with a laptop and brought it with you, you’ll know how much weight matters.

When traveling, you must evaluate how much functionality you require. It’s critical to figure out what goes into the overall weight of a laptop.

Manufacturers typically state the weight of a laptop with a basic battery installed, but if you have heavier batteries, attachable storage, or power adaptors, your total load will shift.

Having a portable computer is meant to improve your life, therefore the weight should matter since you’ll want to carry it with you.

The travel weight should be the one you’re searching for, as this should include any additional attachments that you’ll need when traveling.

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Various Types of Laptops and their Weight and Usage

If you’re looking to buy a new laptop, one of the most crucial things to consider is weight.

If you get a gaming laptop by mistake and it’s hefty, it won’t be easy to transport it to work every day. So choosing the Laptop for your desired need will be helpful.

Laptops can be broken down into various categories, each with its own set of features and benefits. Here are some of the many types of laptops from which you may determine what kind of laptops you require.

  1. Ultraportable
  2. Ultrabook/Chromebook
  3. Thin and Light 
  4. Desktop Replacement
  5. Luggable

Ultraportable :

Laptops in this class are tiny and lightweight, ranging from two to five pounds. Laptops in this category include the Apple Macbook Air, HP EliteBook, HP Spectre Folio, and Acer Swift 7.

Ultrabook/Chromebook :

Chromebook and Ultrabook are two distinct types of laptops that run on different versions of the Chrome OS. The Chromebook is a laptop that runs on the Chrome OS.

A Windows-powered ultrabook is another type of computer known as an ultraportable, which tends to be very light in weight, usually weighing between two and three pounds.

Desktop Replacement :

They weigh between four and six pounds. Individuals buy them when they want all of the functionality of a desktop in a portable form.

Which contains the Alienware 17 R5 17-inch Gaming laptop and the MSI GP73 Leopard-209 has superior components. They usually have greater power and a larger battery as well as an extra fan to prevent overheating. The Alienware 17 R5 17-inch Gaming laptop, as well as the MSI GP73 Leopard.

Thin and Light:

Thin and Light laptops weigh between three and six pounds, as promised. This group consists of various laptops similar to the 13″ Apple MacBook Pro, Google Pixelbook, and Dell XPS 15.


The first generation Compaq Presario CQ62-215EE is an excellent example of one such Laptop. This model weighs approximately 15 pounds and features an Intel Core 2 Duo processor. However, most of these laptops do not weigh as much as 25 pounds and are instead categorized as “ultraportable.”

How Much does a Laptop Weight



NoLaptop BrandWeight
01Acer Swift 52.13 lbs / 0.96 kg
02Dell Inspiron 15 70003.74 lbs / 1.69 kg
03Asus Laptop L2102.30 lbs / 1.05 kg
04Microsoft Surface Pro X2.32 lbs / 1.06 kg
05HP EliteBook x360 10202.45 lbs / 1.11 kg

Most Common Sizes OF Laptop

It’s now time to look at a laptop’s dimensions after we’ve examined the weight.

  • Ultrabook/Chromebook: 9-13.5″ x 8-11″ x <1″ @ 2 to 3 lbs.
  • Ultraportable: 9-13″ x 8-9″ x .2-1.3″ @ 2-5 lbs.
  • Thin and Light: 11-15″ x <11″ x .5-1.5″ @ 3-6 lbs.
  • Desktop Replacement: >15″ x >11″ x 1-2″ @ >4 lbs.
  • Luggables: >18″ x >13″ x >1″ @ >8 lbs.

Weight vs. Travel Weight

laptop weight for travel

The tricky part about laptop weight specs is determining what’s included in the weight. The computer’s standard battery is listed as the weight by most manufacturers.

They might offer a weight range depending on the Laptop’s media bay or battery type. Other things, such as power adapters, peripherals, and detachable keyboards, are not included in the weight.

To get a more precise estimate of real-world weight, look for the term “travel weight.” The phrase should include the Laptop’s battery, if applicable.

High-wattage power adapters weighing up to a third of the Laptop itself are required by some desktop-replacement laptops that require a lot of electricity.

The weight of a laptop is the primary factor that determines how portable a computer is. That’s why frequent travelers like light laptops.

Lighter laptops are easier to bring along, no matter how functional your bigger systems are. This is why ultraportables are still popular among corporate travelers.

Choose the Right Laptop For You

Choosing the right Laptop depends on the Laptop usage or what you want from the Laptop.

If you want a laptop that you can carry easily, you will need a light one. Ask yourself what functions you will need? How many powerful specs do you need?

Once you make your mind, you can research that particular type of Laptop, e.g. Ultrabook, and it will save you time, and you will find the best Laptop for your need.

You may want a lighter-weight option if you’re frequently traveling with your Laptop. However, if you use your computer at a desk for most of the day, you can get one that is more powerful, feature-rich, and thus heavier. It all comes down to personal choice based on your lifestyle and what you need the Laptop to do.

FAQ(How Much Does a Laptop Weight)

How do I find out the weight of my Laptop?

To find out your laptop weight, first, weigh yourself, note it, hold the Laptop, and weigh yourself again. Now subtract the without laptop weight from the weight when you hold a laptop, and the result will be the laptop weight.

How much does a laptop weight for shipping?

The courier company determines the weight of a laptop. It also varies from Laptop to Laptop, and it’s based on the weight of the components, so average laptop weights aren’t always correct. The laptops weigh between 4 and 10 pounds, with width and height measured at 15-20 inches and 10-15 inches.

How much does a 15-inch laptop weigh?

The average 15-inch Laptop we’ve tested in the last year weighed 6 pounds, with none weighing less than 5.2. The average 14-inch Laptop weighed just 5.1 pounds, with the lightest being 3.8 pounds. The 13-inch notebooks weighed an average of 4.4 pounds each, while 12 and 11-inch models weighed an average of 4.6 pounds each

How heavy is a 13-inch laptop?

The 13-inch Laptop is usually 2 to 3 pounds due to its mobility. The Dell XPS 13 is an excellent example, weighing around 2 pounds and being only 0.5 inches thick while having a 13.3-inch edge-to-edge display.

How much does a laptop weigh in KG?

Laptops range from 2.3 kg to over 3 kg in weight. The lightest laptops may weigh as little as 1 kg. Laptops weighing this much are comfortable to travel with on a daily basis.

Hopefully, this article on how much does a laptop weight? will clear your all doubts regarding the weight of a laptop and its Important and making your purchase decision