How Old is My Dell Laptop (3 Easy Ways)

Knowing the age of your dell laptop can be helpful in many ways; from the information of how old your laptop is, you will have an idea of its specs and ability to perform the task. Also, the dell laptop’s age can help you buy the laptop’s internal hardware if you are using an old dell laptop.

So, how old is my dell laptop? You probably will have this question in mind if you are curious to know the age of your dell laptop or you need to know the laptop manufacture date.

In this guide, we will cover 3 easy ways to know how old your dell laptop is. Using these methods, you will have the manufacture date of your laptop and from which you can know how old your Dell laptop is, and if you want to claim a warranty of dell laptop, you will if it is still in the warranty period or not.

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3 Methods For Finding How Old is My Dell Laptop

Finding the exact manufacture date or age of your dell laptop is not entirely accurate. For example, if you buy a used dell laptop, there is the possibility that the previous owner might change the BIOS, so the date the BIOS info has will not be accurate.

So what we suggest is to not rely on a single method for how old is my dell laptop. Cross-check the date given in different methods, and you will be close to the actual manufacture date of your dell laptop.

Below are the 3 methods for finding how old is your dell laptop.

How Old is My Dell Laptop Using Serial Number

How Old is My Dell Laptop Using Serial Number

Finding Dell laptop serial number is one of the easy and reliable ways of finding how old is my dell laptop.

It is a sticker placed by companies and is unique to the laptop as it has a laptop serial number from which you can find information about your laptop.

The serial number is a string of letters and numbers or listed as a service tag on some model.

Once you find the serial number of your dell laptop on the backside of your laptop, you can follow the steps below to find the age of your dell laptop.

  1. Locate the serial number on the backside of the laptop
  2. Go to dell support, paste the serial number in the search box on the page, and click on search.
  3. Dell’s website will give you all the information about your dell laptops like ship date, model number, and warranty information.

Note: The ship date is the same as the manufacture date as it is the date the computer or laptop is finished and ready to be shipped to the retailer.

If for some reason you are unable to find your dell laptop serial number(service tag) You can follow the next step for finding the age of your laptop.

How Old is My Dell Laptop Using System Information

how old is my dell laptop using system information

A window has built-in software for finding your laptop or computer’s specs like how much RAM you have, what’s your CPU release date, how much processing power you have, etc.

And by using this information, we will find how old is my dell laptop. CPU is one of the vital components in computers and is also known as the computer’s brain.

As it is the major component in the laptop or computer, finding its manufacture date will give an idea of how old your dell laptop or computer is. As CPUs are released every year, most of the manufacture put old CPUs in their budgets laptop.

So this method is also not wholly accurate but cross-checks with another method will give you a close estimate of your dell laptop age.

Below is the step-by-step way of finding the manufacture date of CPU in Dell laptop using system information in Windows 10.

  1. Go to the windows search and type system information
  2. Tab will appear having all your system information
  3. Locate the Processor, and next to it is a CPU name
  4. Copy the CPU name and Google it
  5. Manufacture website of CPU will appear 
  6. Open the manufacture website somewhere in the bottom of the page the manufacture date will be mentioned

Note: Do cross-check the date with other methods to know the close date as possible.

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How Old is My Dell Laptop Using Command Prompt

How Old is My Dell Laptop using Command prompt

So in this method, we will be using the command prompt for finding how old my dell laptop.

If you’re someone who has an interest in a computer or laptop, you might hear about the command prompt. It is a command-line interpreter, which means you give a command and provide a result based on that command.

In this method, we will be using a systeminfo.exe command in the command prompt to know the BIOS version date.

From which, we can estimate the age of our dell laptop by cross-checking with methods.

Step by step method for using systeminfo.exe command for finding the Dell laptop BIOS version

  1. Go to windows search and type CMD 
  2. Click on Command Prompt to open it
  3. Type systeminfo.exe and press Enter
  4. Locate the BIOS Verison in the information

So as we earlier talk, we can change BIOS so the BIOS version date can also be inaccurate.

The best thing we can do is cross-check the date with the date retrieve from other methods to know exactly how old your Dell laptop is.

List of Commonly Purchased Dell Models with Release Year

You can also take help from this list to know the release date of your dell laptop if you know the serial number you can find the serial number by using the first method.

Latitude 15- inch
Latitude 14-inchLatitude 13-inch
Latitude 12-inch
2020 50805510541053107210
2019 50705500530054007200
2018 5060,7050T5820,7820,T3430,T36305490549073907290
2017 505055805480,74805289,5285,7280
2016 T3420,T362055705470,747073707270
2015 504055505450,74507250
20147020T5810, T7810, T7910    
20139020T1700, T3610, T5610, T761065407440, E6440 7240
20127010, 9010T1650, T3600, T5600, T7600E6530E6430E6330E6230
2011790, 990T1600E6520E6420E6320E6220
2010780, 980T1500E6510E6410E4310, 13 
2009760, 960T3500, T5500, T7500E6500E6400E4300E4200
2007745T3400, T5400D830D630 D430
2006GX620390, 490D820D620, D520 D420
2005GX280380D810D610, D510 D410
2004GX270, 170L360 D505 D400
2003  D800D600, D500  
2002GX260  C640 C400

FAQ(How Old is My Dell Laptop)

What is the lifespan of a Dell laptop?

The average lifespan of a Dell laptop is 3 to 5 years but it completely depends on how roughly you use your dell laptop.

Where is the Dell laptop serial number?

The serial number or service tag of dell’s laptop is usually located on the bottom of the laptop, and in the older models, it is under the removable battery.

Final Words

Finding the age of your laptop is helpful for many reasons like if you want to know the warranty status of your Dell laptop or you are just curious about your dell laptop age.

This guide has all the information you need for how old is my Dell laptop still; if you have any questions or confusion, you can contact us via comment, and we will love to help you out.