How Old is My HP Laptop (3 Easy Ways)

Knowing the manufacture date of your HP laptop can be handy in many ways like it reveals information about how old your hp laptop is. If you are trying to replace any component in your HP laptop, then the right part can only be found if you know the exact model of the HP laptop and the manufacture date of your laptop

So in this article, we will cover how old is my Hp laptop using 3 easy methods. Using these methods will give you the manufacture date of your HP laptop, from which you can know how old is your HP laptop and using this data, you can claim your warranty or find parts for your HP laptop.

3 Methods For Finding How Old is My HP Laptop

Knowing the exact manufacture date or age of your Hp laptop is not entirely accurate. For example, you buy a used hp laptop, so there are chances that the previous owner changes the BIOS. If you find how old the HP laptop is by using the BIOS info, then the date it will give you will not be 100% accurate but will be close to the actual manufacture date.

So what I will suggest is to use the 3 methods and cross-check the manufacture date received from the 3 methods, and you will have an idea of how old your HP laptop is. So let proceed to the first method.

How Old is My HP Laptop Using Serial Number

How Old is My HP Laptop Using Serial Number

One of the easiest and reliable ways of finding How old is my HP laptop from the serial number of the HP laptop.

It is a sticker placed by companies having characters and numbers used as a unique identifier for laptops or any gadgets.

It is likely to be found on the backside of the Hp computer or at the underside chassis of the HP laptop.

Once you find it, type it in google. Many results will be shown from the manufacturer’s website. Those pages will have information about your HP laptop, including model number and manufacture date.

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How old is my HP laptop

How Old is My HP Laptop Using System Information

how old is my hp laptop using system information

This method of finding how old is my HP laptop is dependent on finding the CPU release date of your laptop.

As you might know, the CPU is the brain of a computer and one of the vital components of a laptop/computer.

Every year different CPUs are released with the ability to process complex problems. Still, many manufacturers may use the old CPU in their budgets laptop, and there are you might be using the old version CPU in your new computer or laptop.

So finding the laptop manufacture date using this method and cross-checking with another method is the recommended way to discover how old your HP laptop is.

Below are steps for finding the manufacture date of CPU in HP laptop using system information in Windows 10.

  1. Go to windows search and type system information.
  2. Open system Information and find the processor section.
  3. The CPU name will be next to the processor row.
  4. Search the CPU name on google
  5. Manufacture website of CPU will appear. Now go to the page and look somewhere at the bottom the release date will be mentioned.
CPU's Release date of hp laptop

For my HP processor (Intel Core i5 7300U), the release date intel showed me is Q1’17 which is accurate.

But do cross-check the date with other methods to know the exact age of your HP laptop.

How Old is My HP Laptop Using Command Prompt

How Old is My HP Laptop Using Serial Number

If you are techy, you might hear about the Command prompt in windows its a command-line interpreter, which means when you give a specific command, it will display the output of that command.

Using the command prompt, you can find how old is your Hp laptop. For this, you have to type systeminfo.exe and run it. It will display a bunch of information about your HP laptop, including the initial windows install date.

But the window initial install date can be misleading as major updates of windows also update the date, so you have to look for the BIOS version in the data given by Command Prompt after running the syetminfo.exe command.

Step by step method for using systeminfo.exe command for finding the HP laptop BIOS version

  1. Go to the Windows search bar and Type Run
  2. Type CMD in RUN and press Enter
  3. A CMD window will open Type systeminfo.exe and Press Enter
  4. Look for the BIOS version in the information given after you run the systeminfo.exe command.

The manufacture date you find using this method might also not be completely accurate because if you update the BIOS or buy a used Hp laptop, there are chances that the previous owner may have changed the BIOS cross-check with other methods to know exactly how old your hp laptop.

FAQ(How old is the generation of my HP laptop?)

What is my HP laptop serial number?

To find the serial number of your HP laptop, look at the backside of the laptop, and you will find a sticker with the character and number printed on it. This combination of numbers and characters is your serial number for an HP laptop.

What is the lifespan of an HP laptop?

The average lifespan depends on many factors, like how roughly you use your laptop and the scope of your laptop work, but the average lifespan of an HP laptop is 3 to 5 years.


Finding how old is my HP laptop is good for many reasons like if you are buying a used laptop and wanted to know its age or just curious to know the age of your HP laptop you have been using for several years.

This guide has all the methods listed to check your HP laptop age. Do check it out and let us know in the comment if you have any problems or confusion.

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