How to Setup Laptop for Remote Work – 5 Useful Tips

How to Setup Laptop for Remote Work? If you are one of the many people who have to work remotely because of the ongoing pandemic, you might find yourself struggling a bit.

For some, it is difficult to find motivation when you are at home. After all, it is a place we associate with leisure rather than work. As such, finding that balance between life and work when you cannot change your environment is pretty challenging. Not to mention that you do not have your colleagues around.

Despite these struggles, it is still too early to tell when things will go back to normal, and you will need to continue working remotely.

The least you can do is to create a setup that you find comfortable and problem-free. And a computer happens to be one of the primary tools that you will be using for work.

This article will give you some neat tips to make the most out of your laptop while working and trying to relax. Do not forget that you can use the device for entertainment after a long day at work.

5 Tips To Setup Laptop For Remote Work

There’s something apart from working that is psychologically and physically addictive- the feeling of having a laptop in your hand. You can work anywhere in the world just by plugging it in, which is why we’ll focus on some tips to help you work efficiently while working from home.

1) Get the Necessary Applications

The first thing to consider is applications. As far as work tools go, it comes down to what you do. However, some default applications you likely need include ones for taking notes, creating a schedule, sending emails, proofreading, and so on.

A video player might come in handy as well, particularly if someone sends you instructions in an MP4 format, or you need to record a video yourself and check whether that plays properly.

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Whether you are looking for an mkv player for Mac or another operating system, you should be fine with some of the most recognized video players like VLC, Elmedia, or Perian.

One final thing to note about work applications is that you should keep an eye on new releases. If you find an app that you believe can help you with work, get it and see if it meets your expectations.

2) Set Up Ways to Communicate With Your Team Remotely

laptop remote work team communication

Working remotely means no interactions in person with your coworkers. As such, you want to make sure that you have a regular channel of communication to discuss work-related matters.

For starters, agree on the communication platform that you will be using so that everyone is on the same page. Right now, Slack is the go-to communication channel for many businesses and smaller agencies as you can exchange messages instantly, record voice lines, have a voice chat, and share your screen.

Next, you want to check whether your laptop’s speakers and the microphone are working properly. For the most part, you should not encounter issues with the two, but it is still recommended to do your best to ensure that you can have access to both the mic and speakers.

3) Maintain the Laptop in Good Condition

Since you are going to be using the laptop for work, you need to ensure that it is operating optimally. Running into issues like random crashes, freezes, and overall sluggish performance will hinder your work productivity.

Sure, one could argue that a laptop is no different from other computers, and you are bound to encounter problems with it eventually. However, if you take the necessary measures and work on maintaining the device in good condition, the odds of performance problems become much lower.

Some of the best practices to incorporate into your routine include:

  • Using reliable antivirus software to detect cybersecurity threats
  • Clearing the laptop’s drive from unnecessary junk to create enough free space
  • Keeping the computer’s desktop clutter-free
  • Cleaning the dust inside
  • Managing background processes to save computer resources

4) Invest in Relevant Laptop Accessories For Remote Work

Invest in Relevant Laptop Accessories For Remote Work

As a laptop owner, you do not have to worry about accessories like a webcam, headphones, or a microphone because these things are integrated into the device.

Having said that, you should not discard the benefits of getting certain accessories, particularly when they concern your work.

You could get a cooling pad if you are fed up with having an overheating laptop from running resource-heavy applications.

A messenger bag could come in handy as well if you need to take a laptop with you while traveling or changing your work location.

Some people also get a tablet and connect it to the laptop so they can have two screens. Speaking of which, an external monitor is also an accessory you might find useful.

The important thing is to create a proper work setup that revolves around your laptop. And if you believe that an accessory or two can complement the setup, you should get them.

5) Consider Ways to Entertain Yourself on the Laptop

Once you are finished with work, remember that a laptop can be used as a means to entertain yourself. Some people find video games relaxing, whereas others prefer to browse online or watch videos.

Streaming platforms offer hours of entertainment, and you do not need to bother downloading large media files when the content is available on the go.

How to Setup Laptop for Remote Work

FAQ(How to Setup Laptop for Remote Work)

What laptop spec do you need for working remotely?

Depending on the sort of work you do, your laptop’s specifications may vary considerably. The specs for a computer programmer are better than those for a general office worker who checks e-mails or creates presentations or slides.

The following are the specifications of my laptop, which may serve as a reference when purchasing an all-around laptop:

Screen size: around the 13″ mark is ideal
Processor: Core i5, Ryzen 5 or better
RAM and storage: 8GB RAM, SSD 256GB storage
Weight: lower than 1.5kg
Battery life: 8 hours minimum

What equipment do I need to work from home?

Whether you’re new to working from home or have been doing it for a long time, there are six pieces of equipment you should think about.

Noise-Canceling Headphones.
Laptop Stand.
Standing Desk.
External Monitor.
Wireless Keyboard and Mouse.
Office Chair or Back Support.


The article on how to get your laptop ready for remote work is a fantastic source of information for people who have to work from home and struggle with setup. It covers some of the options you have in terms of getting the most out of your home setup.

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